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Earlier this year I spotted a Press Release from Lancashire County Council who were offering grants to groups of older people and projects dedicated to improving quality of life for over-55s. 

It struck me that Doctor Jazz was certainly doing that for many of us, so I passed the details on to Derek Daniels at Moor Park Bowling Club, where I knew he was struggling to keep the Jazz Club afloat. Derek made an application and succeeded in obtaining a grant for 300. You can read about it in Jazz Extras. Maybe your Council is offering something?

If you know of Grants that your club has obtained, or can offer any advice on obtaining grants, please contact me -       


Hi, Fred,

Re: grants from local councils.....I have been lucky enough to get grants of between 300 and 500 every year for about six years to fund sessions for Jazz Club 90 at the Harp in Albrighton, Shropshire. 

Bridgnorth District Council in Shropshire have a division called Bridgnorth District Arts who give grants of up to 500 to any voluntary group putting on performances or events which are Arts related.....obviously they have set criteria but as at Preston the application form is fairly simple.

Our grants have funded a few "specials" over the years and also helped us to bring in local school bands, there is a certain amount of emphasis on benefit to the District, either as artists or audiences.

I think it would be well worth any jazz organiser (preferably not the pub or club owner, they may not fund the commercial venue but will the event) approaching their local council, as I've said on many occasions...if you don't ask you don't get! Forgive my "pennyworth" from outside your area but I think there are many jazz related issues that can affect or benefit all of us.

John Hoowell

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