You didn't hear my carefully engineered music eh?

Well first of all I hope you have a sound available on your pc and the speakers are switched on or else you won't hear a thing anyway. You do? First of all let's get rid of the obvious - Try playing some music and see if it is just my site, or the problem's everywhere. You can click here for a basic sound check. This is a simple audio file that should play no problem. If it doesn't you need to check the simpler things. If you see that sound was trying to play but nothing was heard, you need to check if your speakers are powered up, your leads plugged in, and make sure the volume controls are not muted or at minimum for the "Wave" slider or the "Volume" slider.  Try going into Control Panel and checking Sounds & Audio Devices. Click on Volume tab and then advanced to see the sliders.  Try some of the other tabs and advanced settings, especially Audio and device settings.

You can hear other sounds OK?  Well there could just be an internet server problem today, so don't do anything too drastic just yet, but this site is using Windows Media Audio encoding and maybe your version of Windows Media Player needs updating. All the problems so far have been overcome using this new player. You can get the latest version from -

Windows Media Player Download 

Download it, open it, and then simply follow the instructions. Maybe re-start Windows and Hey Presto! 

July 2005 - I've just swapped over to XP, and straight away I had a problem, I get  a warning at the top of the page that "Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access you computer, click here for options". I can assure you that this site has been thoroughly checked for virus content, and the only active controls are mainly for the music and it's safe to allow them.

Also check out the following :-

Internet Explorer 4 users have an option to play, or not play sounds, movies and a whole lot of things. It's controlled from /View/Internet Options/Advanced/Multimedia/Play Sounds. (Thanks to Bob Calvert for that one)

Internet Explorer 5/6 users should look for the same thing under Tools/Internet Options/Advanced. Go down to the Multimedia Options and make sure "Play Sounds in Web Pages" is ticked.

One day I lost sound and even I couldn't play my files. In the end I re-installed I.E.4 web browser and everything returned.

A more recent problem occurred with Windows 98, when the music galloped through skipping and missing chunks out. I was only able to resolve it by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel - Opened Multimedia and clicked on Playback Advanced Properties. Then clicked on Performance and finally adjusted the acceleration setting lower to sort the problem out. Took two months to find that one!  

In XP the same option can be found in Control Panel, Sounds & Audio Devices, Sound Playback, Audio, Advanced, Performance.

Do you get this message at the top of your screen -

This website wants to run the following add-on: 'Windows Media Player Extension' from 'Microsoft Corporation'. If you trust the website and the add-on and want to allow it to run, click here..."

Click it and select "Run ActiveX control". A box should appear giving you option of "Run" or "Don't Run". Select "Run".


If you are not getting the message above, try the following:-

Start Internet Explorer. Click on Tools and select Internet options. Click on the security tab and click on the "Reset all zones to default level" button". Now click on the Advanced Tab and click on the "Restore advanced settings" button. (DO NOT CLICK THE "RESET" BUTTON!!). Now click OK and close Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome Users - 14/01/11 - I just installed Google Chrome and when I went to this page it told me there was a plug-in required. I installed the plug-in, which was in fact a Microsoft  Plug-in for the Firefox web browser. It took a while to install, and I eventually closed Google Chrome, and then it installed immediately. It now works fine.


(Mac Users - Go to Quicktime settings in the control panel and under the option 'music' click active. Then restart. If you don't have the latest quicktime extensions installed then you can get them off a CD which come with Dot Net Magazine or go to the Apple web site and download them.}

Mozilla Firefox - Most of the music on this site is in Windows Media Audio format ( WMA)  and uses ActiveX Controls. You can make it work in Firefox but you may need the Mozilla Active X Plugin for Firefox. Select your version from and be sure to read  (20/10/05)

If after all this, you still can't hear it,  find a good friend who knows all about computers

Try again now,
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