I'm Gobsmacked!

A nomination  for Radio 4's  iPM Program submitted by
Sue Parish


I would like to nominate Preston music hero Fred Burnett for an iPM honour as an acknowledgement of the dedicated and entirely voluntary effort he puts into creating a remarkable website which documents every corner of the (extensive) northwest Trad Jazz scene.

The website is here:


Fred, a former BT engineer, and amiable computer obsessive spends hours every week ensuring gig listings and band details are up to date and passing on snippets of news and gossip via his email newsletter. He carefully archives pages of discussion, debate and trad jazz history. He effectively runs a "dating" service for musicians, bands, gigs and audiences to keep the music playing, and his website is a much loved meeting point for all.

Rather more poignantly, as the players of Trad Jazz tend to be a mature bunch, Fred passes on (with permission) details of players who are poorly, or have passed on, and funeral details where relevant.

He's a lovely, kind and friendly chap, and an absolutely vital member of the NorthWest jazz scene.

He's given me permission to get in touch with you, and I really think he deserves recognition. He'd also sound great on radio!

With best wishes and great hopes of an award for Fred. I'm sure his (devoted and patient...) wife Barbara would be chuffed for him too.

Sue Parish
(Lancaster based jazz enthusiast)


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