Geoff Gallagher

Died July 2020

Geoff, 2nd from right, pictured with the Festival Jazzmen

21/07/20 -

"Apologies if you have already been notified, but it was Geoff Gallagher's s funeral yesterday. Though he lived just around the corner from me in the same avenue I was unaware that hed passed away until I happened across the cortege about to leave the house at noon. It had registered that Id not seen him recently but I simply assumed that this was to do with our current situation, that hed been isolating indoors with his wife. In his 91st year, hed suffered a stroke a few years ago but had recovered well and carried on getting out and about as far as possible. In fact, until the gigs were brought to a halt I had taken him to the Wednesday monthly sessions of Anthony Masons North Euston Orpheans, which he thoroughly enjoyed, not just for the music but also because it gave him the opportunity to converse with former band colleagues Dave Lee, Pete Lindup & John Smith". - Ian Pickles

(Geoff played with the Festival Jazzmen for many years before joining the Wyre levee Stompers - Fred).


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