Maynard Ferguson

May 4, 1928 – August 23, 2006


25/08/06 - Maynard Ferguson, whose soaring trumpeting reached the instrument¹s highest ranges and propelled a musical career of more than 60 years, died Wednesday 23rd Aug 2006, in Ventura, California

Dear Fred

I was very sorry to hear about the death of Maynard Ferguson. For a good few months in the 1960s, he was very much a member of the Manchester Jazz Scene (largely for the Club 43 gigs that were held temporarily there). He formed about three big bands, one or two consisting of purely local musicians, playing at the Manchester Sports Guild regularly and other gigs, and a touring band made up of mostly London musicians. Because of his commitment to local musicians for quite an extended period, teaching them so much for no remuneration at all except gigs (I mean in the big-bands), he is mentioned in my Rolls of Honour and the book about the Manchester Jazz Scene. He was one of us for a long while.

Maynard lived here in Heaton Moor (Stockport) above a shop with his family, who he brought over. Eric Scriven and Ernie Garside fixed the accommodation up for him. He was a quiet, friendly and unassuming man, who wasn't too proud to sit in with the other side of the coin, semi-professional, small combo Traditional or Dixieland bands. He sat in with one of my bands that Randy Colville was also in, at the Warren Bulkeley, Stockport, about 1968 I think. Even after a serious and recent stroke, his playing was immaculate. Needless to say, another great and sad loss in the world of Jazz. May the Lord look after him.

Joe Silmon

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