To All Jazz Promoters,
Musicians and Festival Organisers

4th Feb 2003

Dear Jazz Friend

This email/letter may be inapplicable as far as you are concerned, and I apologise if this is so, but perhaps you could print and pass it on to whoever you may think will be concerned or interested.

You may not be aware, but it is now some 9 years since my web site was first started, and during this time it has become very popular, some 29,000 visits to the Home Page alone have taken place during this period. This does not include any visits direct to band, events or jazz festival pages via search engines. You may also have realised that the web site has become almost a full time job, with sometimes, several updates taking place on a daily basis. It has also reached the point where I need to increase the web space to allow me to put samples of band CDs and more photographs on it.

During the last nine years I have been more than happy to fund the site myself, as my contribution to the traditional jazz scene, but it has now reached the point where the cost has become significant. It will be even higher should I need to go to Broadband access.

It is for this reason, if I am to continue providing the current level of service, that I now have to come looking for donations towards its upkeep. I know that some of the bands have had public and private bookings via the web site, and have even sold CDs following email requests, and some Festival venues have received booking forms printed from the web site. Some are not so lucky, and have had no benefit from it all. If your band or venue falls into this category, or if I have received benefit in kind (Festival Tickets etc.) read no further, I shall still continue to publicise your details free of any charge.

I am suggesting that those bands/venues, which have benefited in some way, might like to make a donation of no greater than 5 towards its upkeep. Hopefully, if this request is successful, I will not need to approach you again for some considerable time. I would love to be able to continue the site free of charge, and I have been reluctant to send out this letter, but I have to be practical.

If you wish to send a donation, please make cheques payable to Fred Burnett, and sent to 4, Woodlands Drive, Fulwood, Preston, Lancs. PR2 9SQ

Many Thanks
Fred Burnett

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