Dave Lind (clarinet) R.I.P.

20/01/09 - 

Yet a bit more sad news, I have just heard that Dave Lind, clarinet / band leader, passed away on Boxing day, I played banjo with his first band in the 50s, he loved black Chicago, it was good stuff, he then had a tragic motorcycle accident that left him disabled and wheelchair bound, but being the person he was he left Liverpool and went to Derby to work for Rolls/ Royce, as Doctor David Lind, in the development of aircraft engines, at this time he was unable to play clarinet, but started playing trombone, but he did get to play clarinet again and had a reunion with his band. I wish to pass on my, and any of Dave's friends sympathy to his wife Marilyn and family, she looked after him well , that is another story !..."

Reg Aveyard 


The email from Reg Aveyard prompts me to add my tribute to the late Dave Lind. Dave, Paul Rodger and I were the front line of the Dave Lind Jazz Band with Reg (later Ron Lloyd) bjo, Warwick Evans-pno, Jim West-sbs, Ron Houghton-dms [After Ron H. left for London we played without drums]. We were "discovered" by "The Merseysippi" and became resident at the Mardi Gras, Downbeat and Iron Door Clubs. We rehearsed at the latter on Sunday mornings BEFORE the pubs opened.... Dave was strict about that... he knew us too well! 

When the licensing authority closed the "Door" ( "Yogi and Booboo held the key to the Iron Door"... remember that headline?) we rehearsed at a police club I recall! After Dave's motor bike accident the band continued with botanist Chris Cook on clarinet, but remained true to Dave's "Black Chicago" creed... Johnny Dodds was his role model. Eventually we were support band to the Swinging Bluejeans and then "out in the cold". 

Over the years Dave and I kept in touch and he never allowed his disability to diminish his zest for life. I think he regarded it as a challenge and took a keen interest in the science of his neurological problems.... as a polymer chemist he was well qualified to do so. I will miss the phone calls, keeping me in touch with his jazz contacts, perhaps a trip to the Whitewater with critical appraisal of the bands! All who knew him, family and friends will find it hard to believe that this brave survivor has gone.

best wishes and keep up the good work

Phil Morris-tpt Cornwall


I was very surprised to read of the sudden death of Dave Lind on boxing day. I joined the band last man in, joining a very accomplished band playing Black Chicago very well. Dave was quite a hard task master and had us playing great arrangements of Morton, Hot 5 and Hot7 which was all confusing to my very young ears. My years with the band taught me a great deal for which I have been very grateful. Dave and Marilyn have remained our friends over the years always keeping in touch and having a number of band reunions. The band spawned exceptional players in Phil Morris trumpet whom many jazz fans know in the North West, and Ron Houghton drums who moved to London and became probably the best in the U. K. in the Baby Dodds style of drumming. The memories and the great players who came out of the band are itself a tribute to Dave. Incidentally it was Dave who invented the polymer that holds the fan blades in place in large jet engines. So when we board a jet we say "Thanks Dave" 

Jim West s/bass

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