Cliff Crockett
Died on 28th May 2014

Photographs courtesy of Shropshire Star

28/05/14 -

A sad note to say Cliff Crockett died this afternoon at the Shrewsbury Hospice after a short illness.  One hundred years and three months What a great innings ! He was still playing drums at 100.

Geoff Inwood

28/05/14 -

So sorry to hear of Cliff Crockett's death - he was a wonderful man

Tony Davis via Twitter

28/05/14 -

Sad news indeed - his achievement will never be bettered I am sure.

Condolences to all concerned.

Alan Davies

28/05/16 -

Such sad news.  Jennie and I were at the special session marking Cliff's 100th celebration, and he was a remarkable man and musician.

With best regards - Derek Harrison

29/05/14 -

I spent some time with Cliff Crockett today at the Shrewsbury Hospice and it was clear that he was fading away. However I did manage to get a smile from him when I reminded him of the good times we had with the Severnside Jazz Band. He had been flirting with the staff there when he moved there only yesterday. I had been to visit him at his home only 2 weeks ago after Keswick and he was very cheerful but weak. It was a magnificent innings for him and the video you put on the web site would be a fitting tribute to him.

Uploaded to Youtube by petermx100

Cliff Crockett's 100th Birthday Party

Cliff on Drums Dave Sherwood on Cornet
Dave Margaroni on Trombone Bill Basey on Clarinet
Malcom Hogarth on Keyboard Isobel Toner on Bass

I first met Cliff 40 years ago after moving up to Wrexham with a new job and joined the Severnside Jazz Band when travelling to Birmingham to play with Ken Ingram became difficult. Cliff's drumming style was never excessive and always very tasteful, For me it another friend I have lost this year.

I left him with his devoted wife Edna at his bedside and all our love and condolences go to her at this sad time. If you are starting a tribute page I will post some more photos of Cliff but Chris Etherington's article in April's Just Jazz says most of it. I showed him the cover today and he was very proud to have been there.

Jon Penn

Reproduced from Just Jazz Magazine July 2014

It was with great sadness on 28 May that I received the news from Jenny Hambley that Cliff Crockett had died. As our readers will know, Cliff, together with his lovely wife Edna, celebrated his 100th Birthday last February in Shrewsbury playing drums with his beloved Severnside Jazz Band at the fortnightly jazz club session. At this time he was as bright as a button, drumming brilliantly, and it would have seemed unimaginable that he would pass so soon afterwards.

I have fond memories of Cliff. As well as being a musician, he was also a great jazz fan, turning up, supporting all and sundry, including sessions with Max Collie and Phil Mason. My band, the Jazzaholics, had its very first gig in June, 2007, at Moreton in Marsh, and guess who was there, along with Edna, Jackie Huxley and Jenny Hambley - Cliff Crockett, face beaming. "Don't forget my sit-in Jim!"

Paul Adams of Lake Records was recording the band that night, so I thought it would be wonderful to have Cliff along for the ride, and indeed sit-in with us, which of course he did. He played brilliantly - listening, swinging, grinning from ear to ear, and didn't miss a trick. Trouble was, the band goofed up and that was that...

Some of Cliff's life is chronicled in Chris Etherington's excellent coverage of his 100th Birthday in the April edition of Just Jazz. I did not know Cliff personally, but I did see that he was a loving man, so very proud to be with his wife Edna, forever upright, and with a huge charisma to go with that cheeky grin.

Cliff, as always I shall raise a glass to you on your birthday, 2nd February. My thoughts and deep sympathy go out to your loving wife Edna at this very sad time

Cliff Crockett, RIP  (Born 2 February 1914 - Died 28 May, 2014)

Jim McIntosh

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