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Who, Where & When Competition

This photograph was passed to me by Ken Doran when the Chicago Teds came to play in Preston. That gave me a clue to the trumpet player on the right, and having spent some considerable time putting various photographs on his autobiography page, it took me all of one second to identify reed player Joe Silmon.  The venue was the George Chisholm Club in Manchester circa 1981/2 and they were part of the Alan Pendlebury band at the time. There were only three entries for the competition and joint congratulations go to Bernard Bibby and John Bratby for guessing the two musicians. I will be contacting you shortly and sending you both a CD. - Fred Burnett 09/03/06

Do you recognise these two N.W. Jazz Musicians? I was handed this photograph the other day and I thought it was about time we had a competition on the site. The two musicians are barred from entering, but do you know 1) who they are, 2) where was it taken, 3) what year and 4) which band was it?  I realise this is a very tricky one and so maybe if you can only answer half a question you could still be in with a chance. So have a go and email me at with the subject 'Competition'. In the meantime I shall dig out a jazz CD for the prize. I'm sure I can find one you won't have heard before.

The closing date for entries will be 1st March 2006, so you've plenty of time to dig around and ask a few questions.  To give you a clue, their pictures already appear elsewhere on this site, so that's one question answered straight away, and you can always have a guess at the others.

Good Luck

Fred Burnett

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