Ronnie Blamire
RIP 22/11/18

Photo - Barrie Marshall

26/11/18 - 

Ronnie Blamire, well known jazz pianist and local musician died Thursday 22 November 2018 aged 85 after a short period of ill health. Ronnie can best be remembered as a stalwart of the Lancaster and Morecambe jazz scene since the early 1950s and was a continuous presence until early 2018. Until recently Ronnie was a member of Jazz Unlimited playing a regularly weekly session at the John O Gaunt, Lancaster. Funeral details will follow when known. -

Ethan Whittaker

26/11/18 -

Very sad news to hear about Ronnie Blamire.

I first worked with Ronnie at the Regency Club in Morecambe during the late 1960s. We backed the Cabaret Acts and played for Dancing.  I believe he also played the Cruise Ships as well.

One of the things I remember was that he used to play a feature of the "Les Dawson Comedy Style" keyboard  to entertain the punters.  He also could do a feature playing the "Silent Movie Piano" routine brilliantly!.

Many happy memories of Ronnie. A great  musician and he will be sadly missed

Peter Eddowes


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