Five & A Penny Jazz Band

Photo by Dave Alexander's wife


Five & A Penny Jazz Band at Alexander's featuring the late
Edward Hannaby who died on Friday 2nd Nov 2018 at the age of 43


Current engagements -

The Sun Inn Llangollen every Thursday night
Alexander's Live Chester, first Sunday afternoon in the month

The current line-up

Mike Carnie - Drums
Dave Alexander - Guitar / Banjo
Geoff Parker - Sax / Clarinet
Pete Fryer - Trombone
Allan Wilcox - Double Bass.

We have regular guests playing with the band including :
Jamie Brownfield, Tony Peers and Jon Critchley on trumpet.
Liam Byrne on sax and Pete Beresford on keyboard.

On our Alexanders  Sunday sessions we have Keith Alcock on Bass and Derek Skepper on horn.


Band Contact DAVE ALEXANDER - 07715 851688


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