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Thought you might be interested in this from a colleague in new Orleans

Chris Walker

From: Estelle De Verges

Subject: DL MSYRES Update - So Long Pete! May You Rest in Peace

Date: August 19, 2016 at 10:05:43 AM CDT

Hey everyone - 

Thought you all might like to see some photos of the Celebration of New Orleans’ clarinetist & legend Pete Fountain’s Life.  Peggy Scott Laborde explained in her recollection of Pete that he selected the clarinet as a child when the doctor advised that a wind instrument would strengthen his weak lungs!  What a way to start a lifelong career!  Pete narrated one of Peggy’s documentaries on streetcars - it won an Emmy Award!   (And kudos again to all of you who worked at the anniversary fundraiser for our now designated National Monument).  That’s Larry Welk, Lawrence Welk’s son, in the Cathedral, providing a remembrance of his meeting with our jazz legend.  The 16 year old at the time wanted to impress Pete, so he introduced himself as “Lawrence Welk” - - “Kid, if you’re Lawrence Welk, then I’m Abraham Lincoln.”  Well, it was the start of a beautiful relationship!   Larry insisted that his dad hire Pete for the “Lawrence Welk Show” - starting him on his road to fame!


It was a beautiful service with the heavenly voices of Sarah Jane McMahon & Irma Thomas singing as well as the tribute played by Tim McLaughlin of Pete’s signature “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.”  The Second Line went for blocks while Mother Nature provided good weather.  The Second Line ended at the Montleone Hotel, the traditional “Half Fast Walking Club’s” last stop during Mardi Gras.  Standing in front of the hotel, as they took the casket out of the horse drawn carriage to place it in a hearse, a big gust of wind swirled around and ascended up to the clouds.  I really believe it was Pete - letting us know he had a good time at the celebration and making his heavenly exit!



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