Parliamentary Jazz Awards 17th May 2011

Jazz Publication of the Year: 'Goin' Home:

The Uncompromising Life and Music of Ken Colyer'

by Mike Pointon, Ray Smith, Martin Colyer

Photos by Ken Ames who writes -

Dear Fred I attach various pictures taken at the 100 club on 6th Dec 2010 for the book launch. Ken Colyer book deservedly won jazz publication of the year at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards. An excellent book. The pictures include my brother Keith Ames ( musicians union communications officer ) who was very supportive in the nomination of this book. No picture I am afraid of Chris Hodgkins of jazz services who actually made the nomination.  You will recognise Mike Pointon and Ray Smith but probably not Martin Colyer who designed the book. Lucky to have a related ( Bill Colyer's son ) talent to sympathetically produce.


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