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October 2017


31/10/17 - Some people out there may have known Harold Pendleton, who was born in Southport in 1924 and died on 22 September this year. I picked up his obituary from The Guardian. "Hearing a local Dixieland jazz band live was a thrilling revelation to the teenager, and though a chartered accountancy training and a City job on his move to London in 1948 delayed his destiny, it arrived when Pendleton asked a fellow browser in a Soho record shop where the nearest jazz club was. The recipient of that query turned out to be Chris Barber. He went on to manage Chris Barber’s band when in 1959 their cover of Sidney Bechet’s Petite Fleur sold more than a million copies". You can read his amazing life story and full obituary at http://tinyurl.com/y9y373l3

30/10/17 - How many different styles of jazz can you think of?  Well,  "A Passion For Jazz" has come up with 25, and they don't even list 'Traditional Jazz' or 'Dinner Jazz' (whatever that may be), although I suppose 'Classic Jazz' covers our kind of music.  Hats off to them for attempting to define the various jazz forms, I wouldn't know where to start.

29/10/17 - Re: Howard Murray's comments on dancing, when Jenny, Ray & I were videoing the Wall city band at their Monday residency we saw local folks dancing to the music. Great to see folk doing what the music was intended for. - Louis Lince

29/10/17 - Great article about the jazz with young French folks dancing to swing music. The attitude of the separation of age-groups is a British thing. I've seen very mixed age groups in Europe but not perhaps on the scale of that lively video. -- Nearer home, Jeff Lewis' knock-out band plays at a pub in Liverpool, The Caledonia and have been found by local 'swing club', dancers who do jive etc. and dance in the manner usually associated with our style of music. They don't outnumber the rest of the audience but they do participate far more. They often have routines, clearly rehearsed and much in the manner of stage dancing. In the old terms, the joint was jumping!  --   With Martin Bennett's band, we get a couple of gigs a year at Heriots Rugby Club in Edinburgh where a jazz event is held by "Heriots Jazz & Jive Club". Here the very purpose is dancing and the older, less gymnastic dancers, share the large dance floor with younger Jivers, doing their own thing and doing it especially well. Again I think they rehearse. I get quite out of breath just watching! --  I sat-in with the Wall City Jazzmen in Chester...a couple of jivers came on and set the heather alight! -- Drummer John Petters ..in the south, puts on Swing and JIve nights with success but I hear that his finding is that using the word Jazz does nothing to bring 'em in.  --   So it seems that there may well be a market or a revival but marketing jazz has never been high on the list for jazz bands or promoters.  Free pub jazz has not done much to further the cause and brewery managers should be shot at birth.  "They're jazz musicians.They love it. They'll play for nothing!"  Or Telford's Warehouse Chester a few years back.. Sunday lunch time. So packed that the band had to order their interval beer over the PA. A junior Manager, from H.O. fresh out of college came in doing his rounds. "What's that band doing there? Get rid of it.. You could get another 25-30 people standing in that space!"  Need I say more? - Howard Murray.

29/10/17 - One of the links on my Link Page is to Fred's Guide to Dining Out - places I have either visited or read about, in Lancashire and surrounding areas. It's a map showing where the places are located, and today I've added a few more, so if you fancy eating out, check it out. I can't make any guarantees about the quality of food, but for each venue there's a link to their web site, so you can check out the menus.

29/10/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to musicians Roger Browne on Wednesday and Danny Riley on Thursday,

29/10/17 - The clocks have gone back and the dark nights are starting earlier but there are no mid week daylight jazz events this week, unless of course you know different.

29/10/17 - One thing that is bound to be a cause for heated debate amongst musicians is whether or not membership of the musician's union is worth it or not. Back in 2008 it was debated on the site and I wonder if any musicians have had cause to change their views since then. It's the subject of this week's Page of The Week.

29/10/17 -  A few months back you mentioned a book by Peter Kerr called “ Don’t Call Me Clyde” Journey of a Sixties Stomper” what a great story about an excellent Band “The Clyde Valley Stompers’’ they were one of my favourite bands and a great loss to the UK trad scene when they were disbanded by Ian Menzies who owned the name but never made the band famous, that was left to Peter and the rest of the Band to do, remind your readers to read the book and they won’t be disappointed it shows how some people are more interested in the money than doing the right thing . - Derek Dalton from Adelaide

28/10/17 - Keith Robinson has asked to go on my News mailing List, but unfortunately I am unable to reply to his email address that is coming up. If you are reading this Keith, perhaps you could contact me again and let me have the correct address. Don't forget anybody can request the News emailed to them twice a week, just Send an email with the subject "Add Me", plus your name and email address,

27/10/17 - I just mentioned yesterday that Cafe Society are playing at the Heron Theatre, and Anthony Mason tells me that the gig is a sell out, so no more tickets I'm afraid folks.

26/10/17 - Would you believe it's almost two years since Cafe Society made an appearance in What's On  That meant it got relegated from the band spotlight page last December. I'm pleased to say that it's now made a welcome return. Colin Turner writes, "Although North-West jazz clubs do not beat a path to Cafe Society's door, the Heron Theatre at Beetham, which is between Carnforth and Milnthorpe, has no such inhibitions and is presenting the band on Saturday, 28th October. Hopefully the gig will be as successful as the one we played a couple of years ago at this splendid venue".

26/10/17 - Not actually a North West jazz issue but would you be kind and mention the Save Swanage Jazz Festival campaign, which has 6 days left to achieve pledges of 900. It's always been a great festival and to lose it would be a loss to us oldies, and all those fantastic up-and- coming musicians that are filling us with hope. See http://tinyurl.com/ycu38eft - Malcolm and Isabel.  I just checked and with 5 days to go now, it looks like the goal posts have moved, but the battle is still being won - 16,197 pledged of 15,000 goal, 247 backers and still 5 days to go

26/10/17 - Well Fred what can I say ? Do you ever think the young will mix with the older and dance and enjoy the music of the new young kids on the block like this?  Here, just gone out on Youtube, The Old Fish Band from Berlin knock out some of the best music around in Europe just now. I was there, and the other interesting thing is the number of players in there dancing ! Some eagle eyed jazz fan will pick out one of the UK's finest young reeds players Ewan Bleach swinging his stuff with guys and gals from the Sweet Peppers JB. Brilliant, come on Keswick, Bude, etc., get in with the flow, the UK dancing young are out there, they just want this music https://youtu.be/f0OYxiNgkcM - Norman Gibson

26/10/17 - The Forest are not playing at their usual venue (Union Exchange, Colne) on Tuesday 31st October. Unfortunately the room has been booked for a children's Halloween party and they won't be playing that night. Normal service will be resumed the week after.  - Colin Bostock.

25/10/17 - Dear Fred, Through your website Ray & I (Rayk jazz) would like to thank all the bands that have participated in the second part of our jazz project and allowed us to video them :  Wall City Jazz Band (Mill Hotel & Spa),  Parade Jazz Band (The Red Lion),  Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band (Royal British Legion Maghull),  Savoy Jazz Band (Widnes RUFC),  Tuxedo Jazz Band (The Old Wallaseyans Club), Merseysippi Jazz Band (The Coffee House).  Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra (The Rose of Mossley). We would also like to thank Louis Lince for his guidance, patience and everything else and to Jazz Northwest website for its invaluable information and help. Last and by no means least all the people we have met and who have made us so very welcome. - Ray & Jenny Knight (Rayk jazz).

25/10/17 - Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz website now has tracks off some of their records plus tracks from a performance at Hayfield Jazz Festival in 1988. Mart says, "Sadly Joe Palin, Tim Roberts and Pete Cotterill have all passed away but we still have very talented jazz musicians playing these days. Also there are two DVDS of lovely tunes". Here is a quick way to look http://tinyurl.com/ydf5kgkm

24/10/17 - One of the North West' s favourite reed players must be John Hallam. In July this year an interview with Andrew Liddle was featured in Just Jazz Magazine. Andrew kindly sent me his copy for inclusion on the site and you can read it here

24/10/17 - Always nice to get one of these - "Hi Fred,  I follow a number of Bands that are listed on your Website when possible and find the standard really very good. On Sunday night, my wife and some friends went to see the North West based band "Deco Delight" at Baildon Hall.  I have to say that Deco Delight is one of the best Bands I have seen in a long time.  The Music and Entertainment value was excellent. Everyone had a superb evening. If anyone hasn't seen them, I can only say that they are in for a real treat. Thank you for your website that keeps me and many other Jazz Fans out there, informed about what's going on". - Peter Gibson

24/10/17 - The Archers has never been the same since Tom Forrest left in 1997, but I think it’s worth listening to if only for the very feint incidental music behind (usually Linda’s) conversations: For instance, a few weeks ago I detected the Hot Five playing “West End Blues”; then more recently Sidney Bechet; Yesterday it was the Louis Armstrong All-Stars with “Ain’t Misbehavin”. Today, I could hear The Andrews Sisters doing “Bei Mir Bist Du Schon”. God knows what Linda was saying though, I lost the plot; some say years ago. I like to think that the BBC is using The Archers as a subliminal attempt to revive national interest in proper Jazz. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! - Jon Critchley

24/10/17 - If you missed the Temperance Seven at Thornton little Theatre last Friday, there's still time to catch them this Sunday 29th, at The Platform, Morecambe, 3:00pm – 4:30pm.

22/10/17 - The non musicians amongst us no doubt know the difference between a trumpet, trombone, tuba or clarinet, and some may even know the differences when it comes to more than one type, but how many of us know anything about mouthpieces?  Back in 2007 Dave Copperwaite was after a particular mouthpiece and the late Eric Holroyd offered some advice. However when some of the replies included words like 64D, Double Cup, and Rudy Muck 17c, I began to wonder if we were on the right subject or even a wind-up!  It's a fascinating story and some very interesting discussions ensued.  It's this week's Page of The Week

22/10/17 - If you are one of the many who don't like going out at night, there's just one lunchtime jazz event this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood on Wed, 25 October, 12:00 – 14:30

21/10/17 - Last week's Page of the week "Speaking the Unspeakable", has prompted John Muskett to add an update.

21/10/17 - Just outside my catchment area, but Matt Palmer asks, "I don't know if you would post this, but Loughborough Dynamo F. C presents a jazz supper evening, with Thomas "Spats" Langham's Hot Fingers with Emily Campbell on Friday February 9th 2018. 8.00 - 10.30pm? Tickets 10 including supper. Limited tickets available, book early to avoid disappointment. - Licensed bar, Ample parking, Raffle.  Call Ros on 07421 993978 or e-mail bronzecom59@yahoo.co.uk for further details or bookings.

19/10/17 - As mentioned earlier, the George Lewis DVD is no longer available and therefore no longer being advertised.  If you missed your copy, there is now one available at approximately half price. The late Geoff Brooks bought one and was only able to watch it once or twice before he passed away. His widow Ruth is offering his copy  for just  10 including p&p. Please let me know if you are interested and I'll pass your details on.

18/10/17 -  Mike Lovell sent me montage of some of the photos that Barrie Marshall took, and passed on, of FOUR IN A BAR in the Cafe at the Ashton Memorial on Sunday evening. Mike Lovell, trombone : Andy Wallis, reeds : Chris Howse, banjo/guitar : Colin Turner, bass saxophone.  Click on the picture as always, if you'd like to see a larger version.

17/10/17 - It was our jazz session in Poynton at The Royal British  Legion Club last night. Because of the strength of wind  I was worried and expected no one to come and listen to Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz.  Well 20 people came and we all had a super evening.   I would like to thank those jazz fans for coming to listen to us. - Mart Rodger (Manchester Jazz).

17/10/17 - Colin Mason & Stuart Whitely are all set to appear on Radio Lancashire on 27th October,  at approximately 2pm  where they will be talking about thePendle Jazzmen's new venue in Burnley at  Ighten Mount Bowling Club Ltd, Romford St, Burnley which starts on 2nd November at 8pm. Stuart will be taking his trumpet to the studio, but I think Colin might be drawing the line at taking his drum kit. We shall see/hear.

16/10/17 - I have just been watching the news on TV, and when it ended I flicked over to Freeview channel 7 which at peak times in this area of Lancashire is usually "That's Lancashire" but at other times is "Talking Pictures TV", as mentioned by Graham yesterday. I instantly recognised Chris Barber band playing to scenes of a coastal holiday area which I recognised as Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.  It turned out to be the film "Holiday".

15/10/17 - The Parade Jazz Band Annual Halloween party ???? Held on 31st October 2017, 8-30pm start in the Red Lion pub, 16 The Parade, Parkgate, Neston CH64 6SA.  Free entrance Raffle optional Fine jazz Fancy dress optional Fun and frivolity a plenty Great hospitable informal atmosphere All welcome - Wendy Neumann

15/10/17 - What a talented parade of guests does our Norman (Pennington) arrange for the delectation and delight of the crowd at the Beaky in Ashton-under-Lyme. Last session we welcomed Mike Mason, renowned horn player from Macclesfield (rumours that he moonlights with the Cheshire Hunt are entirely unfounded). For the next session - October 18th - we have Richard Slater, a.k.a. Billy Bedlam, on valve bedpan and hosepipe, and finally, on Wednesday 1st November, we will be joined by that talented young reeds player, Alex Clarke, who captivated us all on her last visits. All welcome; bring an instrument and sit in second half.

15/10/17 - Bonjour Fred, Where I live in France I watch UK television via Freesat. A new channel appeared recently, "Talking Pictures TV", which shows black & white films and various oddities, short biographies of old movie and comedy stars, interviews (one with Acker) etc.. I think many are culled from the National Film Archive. Trolling through the listings I came across "Glimpses: Who were you with last night 1963 with the Paramount Jazz Quartet" which I recorded and watched last night. What a lovely surprise - piano, bass, guitar (none known to me) and my old friend Ron Mackay playing, scatting and clearly enjoying himself in his inimitable fashion. Wonderful stuff. It's on YouTube but in much poorer quality under Acker's name plus another clip of the same quartet playing "Ship Ahoy". - Graham Martindale

14/10/17 -
The High Society Jazz Band are at Carnforth Station on Fri, 20 October, 12:30 – 14:30, and is this mid week's only daytime event.

14/10/17 - Birthdays coming up this week - Dave Bateman (gtr/bjo) on Wednesday, and Suzanne Mott (voc) on Thursday. Many Happy Returns to you both.

14/10/17 - "Speaking the Unspeakable", was the heading of a series of comments in April 2009 on this site about band fees, a subject guaranteed to raise the hackles of some and pleas of poverty from others. It's this week's Page of The Week and makes for very interesting reading. It also shows - nothing much changes. 

14/10/17 - The Deps List has been updated as much as possible, lots of changes of phone numbers and email addresses, some I deleted because both failed and there was no way of contacting the person. Some I have had to leave with the email addresses crossed out, so whether those phone numbers are valid or not is difficult to say it was taking too much time to verify them. If you see someone you know on the list with a crossed out email address please let them know.

14/10/17 -  "No doom or gloom pervades the atmosphere of the Blue Bell in Mynydd Helygain (Halkyn) to use your poor inarticulate English", writes Mad Ed Hughes. "The new landlord loves MAD ED'S HOT 5 as we come to the 11th year of our tenure. Sunday 15.30 thru 18.00, a valuable bottle of wine to be won AND large boxes of Jaffa cakes too...... Ooh!".

13/10/17 - I decided to take a look at the Deps List today, and I sent out emails to all the addresses listed to check they were still valid. So far I've had 21 bounced because the addresses were incorrect. If I can't get them corrected I may have to publish the names and ask for your help.

13/10/17 - "A bit of daytime Jazz Northwest", writes Ian Royle, "The Jazz Northwest I'm referring to is North West of Alicante on the Costa Blanca here in Spain. The Arena Bar in Denia holds daytime jazz sessions on Sundays with Colin Fraser's Jazz Quintet this coming Sunday playing mainstream jazz. Colin is a '"See You Jimmy" in your face sort of Scots trombone player and a great entertainer. The following Thursday, TK's 'Simply Jazz' features time changes as leader Terry Kennedy sings 'All of Me' in 5/9 time for Dave Brubeck aficionados. Very clever stuff. The raising of eyes among the rhythm section members shows their appreciation of his musical expertise. I played at the Arena Bar last Sunday deputising for top Costa Blanca trumpet man Mike Summers with his ' New Jubilee Jazz Band' .It was a great fun afternoon with one or two guys I'd met out here before and some knockout musos who I hadn't".

13/10/17 - Bingley Jazz Club gig list has been updated.

13/10/17 - Now that the Old Fashioned Love Band has disbanded, Moe Green finds himself available for dep jobs, and as such has now joined the deps list

13/10/17 - There will be no jazz at the Railway in Sale on Wednesday 25th October. The pub is closed for refurbishment and will re-open on 17th November. Jazz resumes as usual on the last Wednesday of the month, Wednesday 29th November at 8.30pm. Hope to see you all there - Derek Galloway (Canal Street Stompers).

12/10/17 - The Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra web page has been updated. There was quite a lot of historical information on the page previously, and was no longer applicable, but rather than discard it, it still appears but as The Original Blue Mags under 'Whatever Happened to?'

12/10/17 - A couple of last minute gigs just in. - Tomorrow evening,(13th) 5.30 till 7.30, An Evening With The Sun Street Stompers at The Storey Institute. Lancaster, Part of The Lancaster Music festival. Also - Bazzer's Jazzers (busking trio) at Atticus Book Shop, 26 King St, Lancaster LA1 1JY. Saturday the 14th, 12.00 till 13.00

12/10/17 - Here is an unusual one from Barrie Marshal, "A musician friend of mine has some clarinets for sale, they are all the same model, Elkart CL100, first they have not fallen off the back of a lorry, they came from a school, they have stickers on them from The Music Cellar of Preston, I had a blow on them, 19 in all, 12 of them were good enough for me to play on gigs, three without thumb rests the others just needed looking at and some mouthpiece caps missing, he just wants to get them off his hands, he is not asking a lot, maybe a school would be interested, he lives in Garstang. These have now been sold - FB

10/10/17 - An H N White King 2B Liberty Trombone Circa 1949, "in wonderful condition", has just gone on the Sales Page.

10/10/17 - It's been a while, but jazz is back at Sale Conservative Club, well at least for one event. The Chicago Teds are there on 15th Dec. See poster for more details

09/10/17 - A Yamaha PSR 215 keyboard (61 keys) has just gone on the Sales Page.

09/10/17 - I've just added "Shrewsbury Jazz Network listings" to my Links page. Some interesting gigs listed on there including John and Mare Howell's Jazz Club 90 gigs at Albrighton.

09/10/17 -  Due to a hiccup in the refurbishment of the pub and its re-launch weekend, The Frisco Bay Hot Stompers are now playing at The Bolton Arms in Leyburn (Wensleydale) on Sunday lunchtime 29th October, not 22nd as stated in previous news item. The line up is Harry Long on cornet, Gerry Smith on reeds, John Crisp on trombone, David Reid on banjo, Dave Stanley on drums, Tom Derbyshire on string base and me on piano and vocals. FREE ADMISSION – food available. - Kathy Benson

08/10/17 - Ray & Jenny Knight are all set to start a series of video recordings of NW jazz bands tomorrow night. They will be recording on 9th,10th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 23rd and 24th October. Check out What's On to see which are the bands to be recorded. Look for 'Video night'.

08/10/17 - Some more amazing jazz weekend deals at The Talbot in Southport, have been added to the jazz festival and weekend page

08/10/17 - In March 2006, Moe Green talked to Just Jazz about his life in jazz as a drummer. It was reproduced on this site and is this week's Page of the Week

08/10/17 - Many Happy Returns this week to Doug Whaley and Jack Cotterill on Monday and to Gerry Clayton on Friday.

08/10/17 - Mid week daytime jazz this week - Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington (check first on 01625 610059) on Mon, 9 October, 14:00 – 16:00

07/10/17 - Well Fred, all I can say is, the JOG picture must have been painted on a very sunny day. Barrie in blue trousers ? I've never known such a thing! - Norman Gibson

07/10/17 - This popped up on Facebook, it’s a painting of Ye Olde John O’Gaunt commissioned by Steve Thorn with The Sun Street Stompers, its by an artist called Chas Jacobs who does lots of painting round Lancaster and Morecambe. Musicians - Arno Bakker. Sousaphone. Paul Guppy, double bass. Barrie Marshall, clarinet. Alan Duckles, cornet. Dave Bateman, banjo. Steve Thorn, tenor saxophone. The painting was done over twenty years ago - Barrie Marshall

05/09/17 - Updated After playing every week at The Inn on the Wharf for more than five years, members of the Pendle Jazzmen were shocked and disappointed at the recent sudden closure - symptomatic of the fate of many hostelries throughout the country. Efforts have been made to find another venue which can offer the same or better facilities in order to keep in touch with the very loyal followers. A new venue has now been found: The Ighten Mount Bowling Club is on Romford Street, BB12 8AF. The facilities are excellent, the Band playing in the Ground Floor Lounge with its own bar providing the full range of drinks - beers, wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic - from the well- stocked bar. A special feature will be hot suppers in the form of pie and peas. A problem sometimes is the lack of adequate and safe parking: not so here as the club has its own large car park right outside. The sessions will be every month on the 1st Thursday with the doors opening at 7.00p.m., ready for the start at 8.00p.m. Admission is free but a raffle will be held each week to go towards covering expenses. Members of the band are greatly looking forward to their first appearance at Ighten Mount Club, greeting old friends and welcoming new friends. This will be on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd. Particular thanks are due to the Club Steward, Graham Slade, for his support. Further details can be obtained by ringing 01282 423230 (the club) or 01282 699571 - Colin Mason

05/10/17 - That's it, the last George Lewis DVD, a historical recording of George Lewis on Japanese TV, has now been ordered and reserved. It's been a lovely partnership with Geoff Bull in Australia, and so rewarding that 330 people have enjoyed it so much.

05/10/17 - I have just worked out that my Band, The Sun Street Stompers, has played approximately 1700 times in Lancaster, since forming in 1985 at the Olde John O'Gaunt, thanks to Steve Thorne. It has played every Sunday in the city, including a couple of other venues, with the exception of high days and holidays and I'm the only founder member still playing in the band. The band has done other gigs in Lancaster but I can't remember where! Great thanks to landlady Claire Tomlinson for letting the band go back to its roots at the JOG, so I could continue this long standing tradition. - Barrie Marshall

03/10/17 - Just read your news page and see that Gerry Clayton has put a picture of the advert for a Riverboat Shuffle in 1961 with The Beatles.  This is a programme of Liverpool Jazz festival we played in January 1960 while the Beatles were in Hamburg and Ringo was with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and the Supporting groups on the last page of the programme!  Brenda Canty-Forrest

03/10/17 - It was indeed a pleasure to get to George's final night of promoting East Belfast Jazz Club. The atmosphere was great, but then it usually has been good with the normal fifty or so crowd. Social chat, dancing and BYO drinks and the walls bedecked with jazz posters - just how a little jazz club should be. And, believe it or not, a mixed group of about ten young people turn up and join in. Reed player Trevor Foster was heard to say " We ( the band ) felt inspired tonight - just like aul' times" Good luck George, and we know you will be a keen attendee and supporter. And, just to round our weekend off, we had right tasty Cajun meals at Papa Joe's New Orleans Restaurant in Bangor Saturday night. - Norman Gibson

03/10/17 - NOW SOLD OUT - That's it!  Just one left, first come first served.  The George Lewis DVD has all but sold out, there won't be any more

02/10/17 - Don't be caught out by a power failure or a computer crash. Did you know you can now download and print off a month's What's On. It's updated weekly and available from the What's On page or click here to download this month's list in PDF form

02/10/17 - The final night of the East Belfast Jazz Club was on Friday last & what a night it was the hall was packed to capacity. The audience really enjoyed themselves & the band was on top form. It was great to see my old my old friend Norman Gibson & his wife Merle from Heysham there, they came over especially for the occasion. I also have one piece of good news, the Martello Jazz band have offered to carry on for a trial period of 3 months & if this works out it will become permanent, it will no longer be the E. B. J. C. it will be called "Jazz at the Downshire". At least we will still be keeping jazz alive in Belfast - George Smyth

01/10/17 - The latest edition of Just Jazz magazine is now out. Details are here.

01/10/17 - A fascinating bit of history sent in by Gerry Clayton. Acker Bilk and the supporting band - The Beatles. If you can't see it too well, click on the picture. Maybe you'll get a few thousand pounds in offers Gerry?


September 2017

30/09/17 - Drummer Bill Williams passed away 11 years ago on this day in 2006. His tribute page is the subject of this week's Page of the Week.

30/09/17 - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tuesday 3 October, 14:00 – 16:00. It's the only mid week mid day concert this week.

30/09/17 - Many Happy Returns on Sunday to Brian Ellwood, and on Wednesday to Pete Lindup

29/09/17 - Clive Edwards tells me that the Friends of Neston Library have arranged an evening of hot jazz on Wednesday 25 October 2017 at 7.30pm, with well known musicians Andy Henderson, Andrew Mackenzie, Howard Murray, Pete Darwin. Dave Alexander, Keith Allcock and vocalist Grace Williams. Clive says of Grace, "I heard the sit in with Five & a Penny at Alexender's a few months ago and thought she would work well with the band. Keith Allcock and I have been friends since the 1950's and he has arranged the band for me. Neston Library is a good venue and the event should make a profit to help them". Click here for full details of "Jazzberry Jam".

27/09/17 - Mike Pembroke writes, "I wish to inform that the final appearance of the Old Fashioned Love Band will take place next Monday October2nd at Dunscar Conservative Club (Eagley jazz club). For this farewell performance we will be joined by Mel Hill, our trumpet player for at least 12 of the 15 years that the band has existed, and who, along with Jake Reeves was a member of the previous 1960s OFL incarnation. I would just like to thank all those who have supported us during a very happy period. This obviously includes promoters, festival organisers, and particularly the fans who attended sessions and those have just bought our CDs both in the UK and other parts of the world".

27/09/17 - Many Happy Returns on Saturday to Keith Allcock, and unless I have it wrong it's going to be a special decade one to celebrate. Congratulations Keith.

27/09/17 - "Thursday 28th Sept Andy, Ritchie, myself (Greg Robley), Liam Rogers on Dobro and Percussionist Joss Jones will be performing at St. Peter's Church in Pwllheli. We will start at 7.30pm and refreshments in the form of tea, coffee and wine will be available. All profits go towards supporting the worthy cause of Pwllheli Food Bank. Hopefully we'll see a few of you there. Thanks" - Greg

27/09/17 - Last weekend  we were invited to the Talbot Hotel by Gilbert & Julie Petrie to join them one evening for one of their amazing value weekend jazz events.  We went on Friday night when John Gordon's Dixie Kings were playing which included John Hallam, along with Mike Burns, Laurie Cooper, Derek Brown and Duggie Tyldesley. Gilbert does an amazing job to make sure everybody is catered for, including birthday and anniversary wishes and a special cake for the occasions. He also made sure we were sat with the familiar faces of Jon & Kay Critchley. An excellent evening of first class jazz.

27/09/17 - Ray & Jenny Knight (Rayk jazz) from Braintree in Essex, who did a series of videos of NW Bands https://youtu.be/6uQSSKdOoOs are coming back between the 9th and 24th October to cover Merseyside and The Wirral. This time they will be accompanied by Louis Lince, and will be covering the following bands - Wall City Jazz Band, Parade Jazz Band, Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazz Band, Blue Magnolia Jass Band, Tuxedo Jazz Band, Merseysippi Jazz Band and the Savoy Jazz Band. You can check What's On to find out when the bands play.

26/09/17 - Re: Beer festival on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Wythenshawe Cricket and Sports Club, 78 Longley Lane, Manchester (Northendon) M22 4JF. The jazz ensemble Hot Treacle will be playing between 3.00pm and 6.00pm and not 2.00pm and 5.00pm. - Charlie Bentley

26/09/17 - Remember trombone player Mike Pearson?  Well he's back and he's emailed to say, "Hi Fred, after ten years in sunny Cornwall I have relocated to sunny Fleetwood in Lancs. If anyone needs a trombone player, the mobile number and email on your deps list is still ok! ".

26/09/17 - The High Society Jazz Band will be playing an extra gig at Carnforth Station this Friday (29th September) at the usual time of 12.30 - 2.30pm. This is partly to test out whether there is enough support for two gigs a month, because their regular 3rd Friday gigs have been very popular over the summer month.

26/09/17 - Hi Fred, I appreciate that you are North West bound, but I am sort of in mid country between East and West!!! I wondered i you would be kind enough to mention that Jazz is returning to the Bolton Arms in Leyburn (Wensleydale) as a taster on Sunday lunchtime, 22nd October 2017 12.00 ‘til 3.00pm (FREE ADMISSION – food available), thereafter to be confirmed on a monthly Sunday lunchtime basis. The band on 22nd October is THE FRISCO BAY HOT STOMPERS, an 8 piece band led by Harry Long on cornet with myself on piano and vocals. I do hope you can add this to your news up-date. If you require any further information please let me know. - Kathy Benson

25/09/17 - Barrie Marshall has uploaded photographs taken at the 'Jazz Breakfast at The Apothecary' for the Lancaster Jazz Festival. They feature Barrie Marshall, Peter Boswell. Malcolm Hogarth and Isobel Toner.

25/09/17 - George Smyth has written to tell me that The East Belfast Jazz Club, which has been running successfully for over five and a half years now, is closing. George himself was diagnosed with a serious illness and underwent major surgery at the end of last year. He says, "At this point I would like to sincerely thank the members of the band – Trevor Foster, Leslie Brookes, Billy Dickson, Victor Staley, Billy Richardson, Billy Byson, the late Tony Martin, and of course our singer, Caroline Browne.  The final night of the East Belfast Jazz Club will be Friday 29th September 2017, so let’s make it a good night and remember the good times!".

24/09/17 - I've made a slight change to to the font on this page. It's slightly larger and no longer in bold type. Hope it's OK out there, but I was having problems on a new monitor I had to get this week..

24/09/17 - Mid week daytime jazz this week can be found at The North Euston Hotel in Fleetwood, where Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar will be playing on Wednesday 27th from 12 noon, and at Carnforth Railway Station on Fri 29 Sep  at12:30pm where The High Society Jazz Band will be playing.

24/09/17 - It will be 4 years this week since the great reed player Jimmy Thomson from the Fylde Coast passed away, so I thought it would be nice to make his tribute page this week's page of the week.

24/09/17 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated.

 23/09/17 - Referring back to the posting on 11.09.17, I can tell you that the Frog and Henry Band planning, is moving along now at a pace.  The European tour could now extend from June to September, and an exploratory UK visit could happen even as early as February 2018, followed by a later visit after Fest Jazz finishes at end of July. - August or September. Most members of the band are swing dancers, so they know the repertoire to suit the rising numbers of dancers seeking the right music. Jazz Clubs, and Swing Dance Clubs, can show interest in taking this band by either mailing me at jazz2swing2@gmail.com. Ryan Baer's e-mail, received this morning, tells me two of the Clubs ( one as a result of your earlier posting ) which I recommended, have made 'standing offers' for dates in April, so another probability enters the mix. One thing now seems assured, F & H will be here next year. -  Norman Gibson

22/09/17 - I saw in Jazz Guide that there's a "Raise The Roof Celebration Jazz & Beer Festival" coming up in Tyldsley between October 6th and 8th with a great Northern line-up. If that wasn't enough to get you out of the chair, that young saxophonist Alex Clarke will be guesting with several of the bands. Full details have been added to the Jazz Festivals Page


21/09/17 - Rosie Harrison will be one of Andrew's Jazz Friends on Wednesday at The Fleetwood Hesketh, Southport, 8:30pm. Andrew posted this photograph on the JazzNorthWest Facebook page.

21/09/17 - A KING 2B (G) Trombone is the latest item to go on the Sales Page


20/09/17 - Colin Mason tells me he is actively looking for a new venue and is very hopeful. However if anybody out there has any contacts in the hospitality industry who may be able to help, I'm sure he'd be pleased to hear from you. His contact details are on the Pendle Jazzmen web page


18/09/17 -  I was sorry to learn of Trefor Williams’ death. Bass players meet only infrequently, and have few opportunities to discuss their trade, but I was lucky enough to meet and talk with Trefor on several occasions when the bands we played with were booked together. He was a wizard at New Orleans Revivalist playing, but from our discussions was clearly knowledgeable of (and doubtless could play) many other styles. I greatly enjoyed talking bass matters with him, and he was kind enough to make encouraging noises about my own playing. A lovely man. - John Muskett

18/09/17 - Hi Fred I am pleased to tell you that my FOUR IN A BAR have been asked to play at this years Lancaster Music Festival. Line-up will be... Me on trombone . Chris Howse on tenor guitar, plectrum banjo and vocals . Colin Turner on bass saxophone . Andy Wallace on reeds. Our gigs are on Sunday 15th October 3pm till 5pm... Bowerham Hotel 6pm till 8pm... Williamson Park-Ashton Memorial.

18/09/17- For this year's Lancaster Jazz Festival, Isabel and I were asked by Barrie Marshall to play in his Sun Street Stompers for the 10:30am Jazz Breakfast at The Apothecary. What is significant is that the pub has a Bechstein grand piano that's playable. That's two pubs I now know with pianos, and I'm on record as not believing in miracles! - Malcolm Hogarth

18/09/17- The Wyre Levee Stompers & Duncan Reid Skiffle are performing for the Fylde RFC's "Jazz On A Winter's Day The Penultimate" which will take place on Sunday, 10 December 2017 3pm. Full details are available by clicking here. Tickets are already going fast.

18/09/17 - Just back from a 2 day break in the Lakes, spoilt only by a motor-biker, who, as we waited behind another car on Wrynose Pass to leave room for oncoming traffic to pull into a passing place, decided it wasn't there to stop in at all, and swung out and then back in like a TT racer. Unfortunately he must have thought there was only one car to swerve round and swung back in too soon, ripping a hole in my bumper and wing. For his sins he finished up on the floor, but after a few moans and groans decided he wasn't hurt.  We were shaken and stirred, but otherwise OK.  Car goes in next week to be fixed.


16/09/17 - Manchester Jazz Festival took place at the end of July and beginning of August. How the flavour has changed, A page entitled "Manchester Jazz Festival - As it used to be! 2nd September 1978" is this week's Page of The Week.

16/09/17 - Congratulations to Allan Dent who will be celebrating his birthday on Monday 18th. On that same day Mike Reddin will also be celebrating his birthday


15/09/17 - Charlie Bentley  writes, "There is a beer festival on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Wythenshawe Cricket and Sports Club, 78 Longley Lane, Manchester (Northendon) M22 4JF. There will be a jazz ensemble Hot Treacle playing between 2.00pm and 5.00pm with a slightly unusual line-up (myself included). The music will be a mixture of ballads, traditional jazz, skiffle, any requests as long as they are not too silly. One band I was with were asked to play some Led Zeppelin this was with a line-up of two banjos, trombone, sousaphone etc. Admission is free and there will be food available including of course a selection of beers to try".

15/09/17 - One of the places I missed from the list of venues that Ray & Jenny Knight visited in the NW, was the Conservative Club at High Lane Disley to video Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz. Well now there's news of even more to come.  Jenny Knight has emailed me to say, "Hi Fred, Just to let you know that our next trip (by Rayk Jazz) will be in October, next month), to Chester, Liverpool and the Wirral. Louis Lince will be with us for some of the trip. He is also finalising the bands. Will let you know exact details when I have them".

15/09/17 - John Dunlop has emailed to tell me that "Tony Pringle has sold up in USA and is returning to the UK. to live in Wirral. He has of course been the leader of the New Black Eagle Jazz Band for many, many years after originally being the leader of our Druids Jazz Band where I played bass".

15/09/17 - My wife Margaret and I attended Phil Yates' funeral yesterday. It was well attended with some mourners left with standing room only. I'm sure Phil will be missed as apart from being a fine musician he was such a nice guy. We met his wife and daughter. Some facts and humour as Phil I'm sure would have enjoyed were told by John, the brass bass player from Yarrow River Jazz Band. - Gerry & Margaret Clayton. Another funeral which took place yesterday was that of Dave Browning. Mart Rodger told me, "It was a super funeral for David Browning yesterday and the number of musicians there to say goodbye was tremendous".


14/09/17 - Kendal Jazz Club has a new home - The Kentdale Suite, The New Kendal Rugby Club Club House, Shap Rd, Kendal LA9 6NY

14/09/17 - The Sun Street Stompers New Orleans Jazz Quartet will play a Jazz breakfast at The Apothecary, Penny Street, Lancaster, on Saturday September 16th 10:30 till 12 noon. The band will consist of Barrie Marshall (clarinet), Peter Boswell (trumpet),  Malcolm Hogarth (piano) and  Isabel Toner on double bass


13/09/17 - Trefor Williams funeral will take place on Tuesday September 26th, 2017 @ 1.30pm - St. John's Church, St John's Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5BQ. No Flowers Please. There will be donations to a charity. It will be a traditional funeral, with hymns etc, but a TRIO will play during the service.


12/09/17 - Back in early May, Louis Lince rang me and invited me over to a meeting with Ray & Jenny Knight who were coming up from Braintree in Essex to the North West to do a series of videos on Jazz in this part of the country. Also at the meeting were Fraser McCombe, and Derek & Trish Galloway. Louis interviewed us and Ray & Jenny recorded the event. Later they went to Didsbury Cricket ClubRochdale Jazz ClubDelph Band Club, Southport Jazz Club and The Ale Emporium in Preston.  There's was one thing for sure, I certainly didn't envy the amount of editing they were going to have to do to get it down to under an hour, but after many hours, they did and I can reveal that it's been launched on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jazzodessey/ which you are invited to 'Like', but for those who have an aversion to Facebook, you can see the results of their hard work at https://youtu.be/6uQSSKdOoOs. They intend coming up again some time in the future to cover some of the places they missed this time.


12/09/17 - Here's a last-minute reminder that Jeff Barnhart and Spats Langham are at Kendal Jazz Club tomorrow night (Wednesday). It will be the last gig at Staveley before the club moves to the new Kendal Rugby Club next month.

12/09/17 - Boston (USA) Associated Press has published the following -  "A recent college graduate accused of killing his mother, grandparents and a caregiver was described on Monday as a good friend and talented jazz musician who showed no signs that he was troubled".  Mmmm...  that description applies to most of the ones I know!


11/09/17 - Norman Gibson has reminded me of an interesting web site based in Nottingham that I haven't mentioned since Tuba Skinny began hitting the headlines here six years ago. - playing traditional jazz blogspot  Yesterday's blog is about the USA  all-ladies Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band. Norman told me, "Marla playing cornet, is of course better known with the Shot Gun JB, and you know she is booked for Keswick, although her husband John, travelling with her, is not officially booked as yet.   Ryan Baer, who played in the Tuba Skinny JB, intends to visit the UK as part of his European tour between June and September 2018 with his full Frog and Henry Band. The line-up is expected to include Robin Rapuzzi ( washboard ) and Todd Burdick ( Tuba ) both Tuba Skinny players and Ewan Bleach reeds."  Norman says, "My intention is to come out of 'retirement' to get them on as their first booking promise. I have been forwarding a lot of contact details to Ryan, but any promoters who wish to consider taking them to let me know at jazz2swing2@gmail.com  Ryan has a different mindset to the problematic Tuba Skinny, who a group of us couldn't entice over about three years back. A lot of early showings of interest at this point will help".

11/09/17 - John Pashley is the guest musician joining the Tuxedo Jazz Band this Thursday 14 Sept 8 30pm at The Old Wallaseyans Club, Wallasey.


10/09/17 - Eddie SImpson was a man who lived on the Fylde Coast and did a tremendous amount of work in the area to support Traditional Jazz. His initial aim was to bring a selection of bands to the area because his wife was no longer able to travel to jazz festivals. Sadly she died following an accident, just before his first event in 2000.  The late Gordon Hughes wrote an article about the end of  Mad For Trad which is this week's page of the week.

10/09/17 - For those who don't like being out at night now the light is fading, there's Annie's Saints And Sinners @ The Dog & Partridge, Bollington, Mon, 11 September, 14:00 – 16:00, but check first on 01625 610059. If you live further North there's The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 15 September, 12:30 – 14:30. More lunchtime events on Sundays so check What's On

10/09/17 - Plenty of birthdays coming up this week - Many Happy Returns today to Tom 'Spats' Langham, then to Tony Ormesher on Tuesday , Roy Swift on Wednesday, and Harold Troughton and Richard Lord on Friday.


10/09/17 - I see on JazzGuide News Page that Lake Records have released recordings of Mike Daniels, Steve Lane and Freddy Randall.


07/09/17 - Re: Dave Browning 21:08:17 -  The funeral will take place on  Thursday 14th September at Vale Royal Crematorium, Northwich, CW9 8RP at 11.30am. - Mart  Rodger

07/09/17 - Updated to include the time - More tributes have come in for Phil Yates, and Rachael has now sent me the funeral details. His funeral will be on September 14th at Thornton Crematorium, Lydiate Lane, Thornton, Merseyside. L23 1TP at 3-20pm.  Map.  There will then be a gathering at The Royal Hotel in Waterloo for food/drink/sharing memories of Phil. It would be lovely to see as many people there as possible. - Rachel.


07/09/17 - We have been asked by the widow of Maurice Van Eyck to sell off his vast collection of Jazz & Blues CDs with all proceeds going to his grandchildren.If anybody is interested please contact philippe.de.smet.trombone@skynet.be and he will send a list of the material. Many thanks ,  Brian Turnock

07/09/17 - Sheila Collier writes re: Trefor Williams - "The most lovely person, kind and caring, and, not least, a very special musician, playing his bass, Big Bertha with feeling and empathy, like himself"

05/09/17 - This from Pete Lay at 08:54 today - "R.I.P. TREFOR WILLIAMS!!  Passed away about an hour or so ago".  

04/09/17 - There is now a tribute page for Phil Yates who died two days ago. He joins the list of many jazz musicians who are no longer with us.

04/09/17 - It was such a shock it's hard to know what to say. Phil Yates was an accomplished musician and good friend. He joined the Yarrow River band in December 2003, and was still with us on a recent private gig in May of this year. Of course he was well known on the Liverpool scene with a number of bands, and I was always particularly happy when I was asked to dep and knew that Phil was on the gig. He recently played with the Tuxedo band both in Wallasey and Southport depping for Gerry Owen. My thoughts are with Jocelyn and Rachel at this sad time for them. Phil's untimely passing is a loss to us all. - Richard Knock

04/09/17 - Very sad to hear about Phil Yates, he was a founder member, like myself, of "Jazz 'n it" the band was formed through members of your Jazz northwest web site. Our thoughts go to Phil's family. - Gerry & Margaret Clayton

04/09/17 - Barbara & I were privileged to receive an invite from our old friends Mart & Janet Rodger, to attend an evening at Disley Golf Club to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday 2nd September. We had a lovely meal followed by music and entertainment, and it was lovely to see the spirit of friendship and fellowship that Mart & Janet had developed over the years with friends, neighbours and fellow churchgoers, as well as their lovely family.  Rather than drive home on Saturday night, we stayed overnight in Adlington, and rounded it off on Sunday with a trip to the Otter, Owl and Wildlife Park at Chapel en le Frith, then through the Peak District National Park via Hope Valley, Castleton, Lady Bower Reservoir and the Snake Pass, and it was a delightful journey home. More pictures - http://tinyurl.com/ycbzljcz and http://tinyurl.com/y7j6zyvt.

04/09/17 - "Hi Fred - we were disappointed to learn, after the trip out to Fleetwood, that there was no jazz at the North Euston, as a folk and blues festival was on in its place. Never mind, we listened to some different music in various venues around the town". - Dave Wellock.  Me too Dave, unfortunately nobody told me!

04/09/17 - The latest issue of JazzNorthWest weekly is out and it features a section entitled, "10 of the Best Northern Jazz Venues", not my choice I hasten to add.


03/09/17 - Just a reminder about the session at St Helens Bowling Club next Sunday evening, September 10th, Jazz Rendezvous with guests at St Helens Bowling - please note that, in response to audience preferences, we’ll start at 8 pm and finish at 10 30 pm. We have three fine guests, all of whom are well known throughout the north-west and beyond. Our old friend Terry Brunt, of the scarf and beret, will be on trombone, Dave Mott will be on reeds, and Malcolm Hogarth will be on piano, fresh from playing at the Bude Jazz Festival in Cornwall. Hoping for a really good turn-out - Keith Allcock

03/09/17 - I was on my way home from a lovely weekend away, when I received this devastating news from Rachael Yates - "This is Phil Yates' daughter. It is with sadness that I must inform you that Phil Yates passed away yesterday,  from a feared heart attack (we are yet to find out). I know that he was a big follower of your website and played a big part in the NW jazz community playing clarinet (such as The Mathew Street, Downtown Dixies, Yarrow River and Jazzin' It). I thought it would be nice if you could mention this on your website, so as to spread the word as well as celebrate his life? ".      Phil was just 67 on 15th June, and was a giant of a man with a most gentle nature. I know he read this site daily because as soon as I put a request on the site, Phil was invariably the first to answer if it was something he was able to help with. I first met Phil at the Wray Village scarecrow festival near Lancaster, where the New Riverside Jazz Band were playing, and Phil was chatting to fellow reed player, Barrie Marshall. Phil invited us to go over to see the Mathew Street Jazz Band, in Mathew Street Liverpool, which we did.  Barbara & I send our condolences to Rachael and the rest of her family. Once I know the funeral details I'll put them on the site.

02/09/17 -  In answer to Steve Marquis's question. Tell him to Google XS Promotions. They are the north of Scotland's leading music and entertainment specialists and are agents for a band called the Buchaneers (trad, early 20s and 30s jazz), Four in the Bar and Havana Swing.  Good luck - Dave Wellock.

02/09/17 - Have you heard of Merton Cahm?  Hopefully he's still going strong but I don't know. He was on the earlyish Manchester Jazz scene, in the late 40s and 50s, but now lives in Tel Aviv, and is still playing clarinet and tenor sax., in both Dixieland and Classical Music settings. He's the subject of this week's Page of The Week which was an item by the late Joe Silmon.

02/09/17 - The only mid week daytime gig coming up is The SAVOY JAZZMEN who are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 5 September, 14:00 – 16:00

02/09/17 - Many Happy Returns next week to Howard Worthington and Tony Davis (Midlands) on Sunday.

01/09/17 - Rick Lunt pointed in me in an interesting direction. It's an interview with John Gieves-Watson of the Temperance Seven, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band and 'Bill Posters Will Be Band'. Part one and Part two are on the Musical Talk Podcast site.

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