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30/09/18 - Re: Meghan Markle - I believe that the incident occurred at the start and end of a (faithful) rendering of Jelly Roll Morton’s Steamboat Stomp. The band concerned thought they might also incorporate it in Colonel Bogey March. Harmoniously - John Muskett


30/09/18 -  This week's Page of the Week features some recordings by Tony Smith's jazzmen, a broadcast recorded at Studio 1 at the BBC in Piccadilly Manchester on 5th February 1962.


30/09/18 - A couple of daytime gigs this week (excluding weekends) - The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House on Tue, 2 October, 14:00 – 16:00 and on Thursday it's Garstang Jazz Club once again with hotpot included and free drinks (you bring your own). Click here for full details


30/09/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Keith Allcock, and on Monday to ex NW drummer, now living in Penzance, Brian Ellwood. On Thursday it's congratulations to Pete Lindup, Fylde Coast multi-instrumentalist and all round entertainer. Check out Pete's miming ability on this video



29/09/18 - Jon Critchley asks the question I've already put to John Muskett - "I'm intrigued with Mr Muskett's revelation about the anonymous banjo player's nasal interjection: did he manage to stop playing whilst he blew? If so,......"


29/09/18 - Following the astonishing news that Meghan Markle has closed a car door, can I give an even more astounding report? An unnamed banjoist has BLOWN HIS NOSE in public. Remember: you heard it here first. Harmoniously - John Muskett



28/09/18 - Last month Just Jazz Magazine featured an autobiography written by a young musician who has gained quite a following oin the North West. It is of course Alex Clarke. Alex shows that at the age of 18 she is not only an excellent jazz musician, she also has enough confidence to write her life story!  I'm grateful to Just Jazz Magazine, and to Alex, for allowing me to publish it on the site, and you can click here to read it.


28/09/18 - The latest issue of Just Jazz Magazine is now out and about. My thanks to the magazine's designer and typesetter, 'Gentlemen' Jim McIntosh, who reads this site and picked up on a recent Page of The Week about smart dress code, and gave his views in the magazine. It certainly produced plenty of responses in the past on this site, so no doubt we can expect plenty of letters in the mag.



27/09/18 - For anyone who played or was a member of the Mardi Gras Jazz Club, the Cavern, Iron Door and the Downbeat Club during the late 50's and 60's you may find a book by Brian Linford interesting. Brian was manager of the club and was responsible for booking local and professional jazz bands. Sadly many of the musicians who played at the club are no longer with us.   I had forgotten that the owners of the Mardi Gras and Downbeat club, Roberts & Ireland presented in association with Harold Davison many American bands and musicians : Count Basie, Modern Jazz Quartet, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson Trio etc. These concerts where held at the Odeon and Liverpool Empire.   To quote from the back of the book - "This book is a tribute to two Liverpool men, Stan Roberts and Jimmy Ireland, and their massive contribution to Liverpool entertainment during the 1950's 60's. Restaurants, catering, jazz concerts, beat group management, clubs and gaming machines. The Mardi Gras Club is their most outstanding achievement. Their talent has never been fully recognised. This is the History behind the club.   It cost me about £8.00 plus postage from Amazon.   The book is called :- Brian Linford presents a history of the Mardi-Gras Club Liverpool. The famous and legendary jazz club. - Peter Swensson



26/09/18 - The Southport Jazz Club listings for Fleetwood Hesketh Club have been updated


26/09/18 - On Thursday 25th October we are repeating our very popular Charity Concert for Cancer Research, when John will be playing with the Carl Sinclair Boogie Band. This year once again we are at the Culcheth Sports Club, Culcheth, a venue that worked very well for us last year and gives plenty of room for those who like to dance. The Boogie Band offers an exciting and hugely entertaining mix of Jazz, Blues, Boogie, Rock ‘n Roll and more. Carl is one of the resident pianists at Jools Holland’s live music venue ‘The Jam House’ in Birmingham. - Barbara Hallam



25/09/18 - The Parade Jazz Band is the latest band to be in front of Sam Ralph's lens at Rochdale Jazz Club. You can see the results by clicking here


25/09/18 - Just back from Devon, so things to be done somewhat belatedly, including the lawn. Just one midweek daytime event this week - Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at NORTH EUSTON HOTEL, Fleetwood on Wed, 26 September, 12:00 – 14:30



20/09/18 - Once again Sam Ralph has produced some stunning photographs taken at Rochdale Jazz Club. This time it's the Wirrorleans Jazz Band, but  I couldn't  help but notice that only bass player Keith Allcock and drummer and leader John Blackman are featured as band members on the band's web page on this site, so which is correct?.  If it's out of date, it's not the only band page that's fallen foul of changes in personnel and has become outdated, but after working hard to keep on top of all the other pages, even when on holiday, it is disappointing when bands can't maintain their own pages by occasionally keeping me updated with personnel changes and photographs.



19/09/18 -  Jasmine Lawrence, the widow of John Lawrence, our deceased cornet player sadly died in Arrowe Park Hospital, Birkenhead on Monday 10th from an aortic aneurism, which had ruptured. She knew she had this several years ago and lived with it for that time but never complained. She followed the Merseys until the day she died. She was a life-long jazz fan and is very much missed by us all ( an honorary member if ever there was one.) The funeral is to be held at Landican Crematorium, near Arrowe Park on Tuesday, 2nd October at 3.30 p.m. - Peter Fryer



18/09/18 - Weekly Thursday live jazz is no longer at Burgundy's Wine Bar, Kendal. The new venue is The Factory Tap, Aynam Road, Kendal LA9 7DE, almost in the town centre, just across the river from Burgundy's. Details of the Autumn programme of gigs are in What's On by clicking on the event. The programme is varied and includes (but not restricted to), traditional jazz.



17/09/18 - Very sad to hear about Jasmine Lawrence. she was a lovely lady to know. she was friendly to everyone like John Lawrence was.- Delia Morrissey.



14/09/18 - Updates, if any, are likely to be few and far between, for the next 12 days I'm afraid.


13/09/18 Jasmine Lawrence, wife of the late Merseysippi cornettist John Lawrence, died on Monday afternoon at Arrowe Park Hospital in Birkenhead from an aneurism.  She had been an important cog in the Merseysippi wheel for most of her life. - Steve Voce


13/09/18 -  Hi Fred, Very sad to announce the passing of Tony Carter. Although ill health during the past few years has prevented Tony playing, he will be remembered as a most enthusiastic and competent drummer in many local bands on the Wirral..  His funeral will be held at 11am on Friday 14th September at the Landican Crematorium Arrowe Park Rd Woodchurch Wirral CH49 5LW.  At present I have no details re giving Tony a musical send off however I shall update whenever possible. (Bring your horns etc just in case we need 'em!) - Morris Jones (Jazz Rag).


13/09/18 - The latest edition of my JazzNorthWest Weekly is out, and there is a interesting link to a page "All ABout Jazz" which is featuring Buddy Bolden. There are links from here to half a dozen YouTube videos about him. Also in JazzNorthWest Weekly there's a link to 'Love Music Help Musician UK' which is a UK charity offering a "Transmission Fund" designed to help careers by providing grants of £500 - £1500 to fund opportunities allowing emerging and professional musicians of all genres and disciplines to focus on developing their artistic and professional development such as short courses, workshops, training and time limited periods of coaching. Alex Clarke came to mind, but she'll have to wait until she's 21.



12/09/18 - The Forest Jazz Band will not be performing next Tuesday, ( Sept. 18th ) at the Union Exchange, Market Street, Colne, due to pub refurbishing. Back to normal the following week. - Jack Moore



10/09/18 -  My name is Stewart Jessett. I'm double bass player with Carlisle's Gentlemen of Jazz. In 1964 I was working for the local Newcastle newspaper driving my Hillman Imp down Blacker Street. Suddenly, without warning, a big coloured woman in a posh fur coat stepped out in front of me. I screeched to a halt calling her a lot of rude names (thankfully I don't think she heard me). She jumped back and smiled at me "I'm sorry young man, I looked the wrong way" My god it was Ella Fitzgerald and I'd nearly killed her. I had been to see her the night before at Newcastle City Hall. She must have been shopping before her next venue. I could have been famous for the wrong reason


09/09/18 - I’ve told you about the film documentary ‘There’s A Future In The Past’  before, and about the talent that is Vince Giordano, bandleader, multi instrumentalist and Grammy Award winner for his work on Boardwalk Empire! It’s fascinating stuff. I've seen it twice in cinemas (in the UK and New York) and have a copy of the DVD. Here is a trailer for the film: https://vimeo.com/179935106 . If you would like to own a copy, you can order one (and his CDs) direct from Vince in the USA via this link: http://vincegiordano.com/music. You won't regret it! I have had the privilege of singing with his Nighthawks when we have visited New York City. - Tony Jacobs (Visiting New York ? They play Mondays and Tuesdays at the Iguana - Norman G)


09/09/18 - Congratulations to Richard Exall & Amy Roberts, who tied the knot last week. Amy studied at the Northern College of Music  in Manchester.


08/09/18 - If you enjoyed reading last week's diary from the 10th Avenue Jazz Band, then you'll enjoy reading some more from other years, in this week's Page of the week.


08/09/18 - No mid week daytime jazz this week I'm afraid, unless of course you know different!


08/09/18 - Several birthdays to celebrate this week - Spats Langham on Monday, Tony Ormesher on Wednesday, Roy Swift on Thursday along with well known Albrighton promoter John Howell who will be celebrating his 85th birthday (No, I couldn't believe it either!). On Saturday it's Harold Troughton and Richard Lord. Many Happy Returns to you all and keep up the good work.


08/09/18 - I guess there's one thing jazz festivals must dread - a weekend of rain.  Norman Gibson tells me that, "Trevor Stent's Fest Jazz was amazing, but it rained quite a bit on the Saturday, but Sunday it was incessant and the potential jazz audience drastically suffered".   Trevor says, "For the festival, it was a catastrophe. On the Sunday 29th July we had only 402 spectators who braved the appalling wind and rain whereas in 2016 (and in previous years) we had around 1100. The future of Fest Jazz is in serious doubt. That is why the young team who worked so hard to organise this year’s event have launched an appeal via a Crowd Funding project: “Save Fest Jazz!”". If you go to http://tinyurl.com/yce8jy7e you can make a donation and help keep this festival alive. There are 'perks' for donors.


08/09/18 - Barrie Marshall sent me an interesting cutting from his scrapbook. it was a report from the Lancaster Guardian on the very first gig by the New Riverside Jazz Band. I've extracted and added it to the bottom of the band's page.


08/09/18 - Congratulations today to Fred Jarvis, former Gen Sec of the NUT, on his 94th birthday. It was he ,together with the late bassist Dick Goodwin, who put together the concert in Wallasey, on the 14th February 1949, all of 69 years ago, which resulted in the birth of the Merseyssippi * Jarvis and Dick Goodwin both worked in Wallasey Town Hall and while Dick was forming the band, Fred was writing occasional reviews of the Wallasey Rhythm Club in the local press. To quote his review of 21 May 1949 . ' One of the biggest audiences yet to attend its meeting was present when the Wallasey Rhythm Club presented its first " all band " session at the Hotel Victoria on Monday last. Loudest applause of the evening was reserved for the Club's own group the Merseysippi Jazz Band......'   The interesting last sentence reads , ' This was indeed a session for Wallasey Jazz, swing, ( and be-bop ? ) fans to remember. FJ '   The personnel that night : Wally Fisher (t), Pat Evans (cl), Dennis Gracey ( tbn ), Frank Robinson (p), Ken Baldwin (bjo), Ken Metcalfe (d) and Dick Goodwin (b).   -   *Yes, that is correct. They dropped an 's' shortly after. - Bob Lamb


06/09/18 - On the up and up - Garstang Jazz Club, set up by bass player Jim Swinnerton, treated around 60 people to a good helping of jazz and hotpot today plus some first class music by top NW musicians. Following a two month break, it was a nervous time for Jim wondering if the fans would remember and return, but they did, and more. It's not often I see a standing ovation at a jazz club, but the audience, which included some musicians, clearly enjoyed today's performance as they stood up and applauded. It was good to catch up with familiar faces, including Ray and Jenny Knight (aka Rayk Jazz, aka Harvey Duck), who were there to capture the event on video as part of their third Jazz Odyssey series on NW Jazz Bands on YouTube, along with their presenter for the series, Louis Lince. I was amazed to discover 250 jazz band videos of theirs on YouTube, with no doubt lots more to come, a real credit to them. Next month will probably see the style swing more towards New Orleans when the Three Bears are joined by  Spirit of New Orleans musicians, we shall see.


06/09/18 - Looking through your 'Deps' list, I noticed the name of my friend and colleague Dave Parker of Peterborough in the 'Bass' section.  I am sorry to have to tell you he died in August after a battle with cancer. He had a magnificent Jazz Funeral at which many of us from this region had the privilege of playing. - Ivan ('Pops Coffee'). Thanks Ivan, the list has been updated- Fred


06/09/18 - I attended the funeral of Norman Dakers today. It was a beautiful ceremony. From the “Old Days” Eric Brierley and his wife Maggie also were present and it was so good to renew, and review, old times.  Thank you so much for the publicity you have given to this wonderful friend and musician, Norman Dakers. Yours in Jazz - Alan Brown



05/09/18 - There were 5,300 visits to this site last month, up almost 3% on the previous month. Thanks to everyone who visited.



04/09/18 - I've just added a fascinating insight into the life of musician and band leader, the late Alan Duckles. It comes from the eulogy given by his son Stephen at Alan's funeral service. He has kindly allowed me to reproduce it on the site, and it's on Alan's tribute Page.


04/09/18 - As many regulars will know, I announce the forthcoming daytime events on this page at the weekends, as I've long advocated mid week lunchtime jazz sessions for those of the older generation who don't see dark nights inviting.  So I was heartened and vindicated to get this email from Peter Swensson - "We played at the Palm House this afternoon and 156 attended. This is a record for us. I only wish half this number would come to our evening sessions. John Fogg was depping for John Rothwell who is on holiday. John played with the band in the 80's and hasn't lost his touch. It was lovely to work with him again. Terry Birkinhead led the second liners during the parade numbers".  You can click on the photos that Peter sent me for larger versions. Now let's see how many Jim Swinnerton pulls in at Garstang on Thursday lunchtime. In fairness it's only his third session.



04/09/18 - Bob Lamb writes, "Quite a few years ago during some jazz research I sought, and found, at the Liverpool Record Office, the report of the arrival in Liverpool of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band. I obtained a Xerox copy of the article from the Liverpool Echo of April 1 1919. Because of the condition of the original newspaper only a readable but poor copy was possible. I doubt if it would scan although today's technology my prove me wrong.  so I will show it just as it appeared mid-column and sandwiched between ' This Week's Entertainment on Merseyside ' and an advert for 'Clarke's Blood Mixture' a Complete and Lasting Cure ' for piles!".  - Bob Lamb. Quite right Bob and it fits nicely in with the article by Peter Vickers "I was conned but I kept on looking" and I've added it as a footnote - Fred


04/09/18 - The latest issue of Dove Jazz Bugle is now available to read on line.


04/09/18 - The Frog Island Jazz Band played at Rochdale Jazz Club on Sunday, and there to record the event as usual was Sam Ralph. You can see Sam's photographs by clicking here


04/09/18 - It's continually happening that when jazz fans and musicians pass on, their families are left trying to find a home for what the departed would have regarded as their "personal and valuable collection".  I was contacted today by a musician who was trying to save his family from that dilemma, by leaving instructions for them. That has simply shifted the problem onto himself, so I was able to refer him to an item in Jazz Extras, currently item 17, "Donate your record collections - to The National Jazz Archive". However it did leave us wondering if any other musicians or jazz fans with music collections, had even thought about this and whether or not they had any ideas as to what they wanted to happen to them?  If you have, please do let me know.


04/09/18 - I'm informed that one of the most valuable pages on the site for musicians, is the Deps List. Being linked from Jazz Extras means it's not in a fixed place, which is not good if looking for a dep in a hurry, so I've now also linked it from the Main Menu.


03/09/18 - When I started the Tributes Page, little did I realise how many names would  be appearing in a relatively short period. Adding a new name alphabetically and then moving all the other names further down the list has become time consuming and I've resorted to a spreadsheet to do it for me. Unfortunately, because of the way I started it, the names are now sorted alphabetically by first name, and horizontally rather than vertically.


03/09/18 - I forgot to put a link in to the Garstang Jazz Club poster when I posted this week's daytime jazz events. So take a look now.



01/09/18 - An interesting article in The Liverpool Guide - "Popular Hope Street venue aims to become the epicentre of live jazz".  It's about a jazz club in Hope Street Liverpool, and DJ and promoter John Dean explained: “I felt that the whole Jazz thing was under represented in Liverpool, and I want to make Hope Street Jazz at Frederiks a solid destination for Jazz-lovers in the city".   Wonder where he's been?


01/09/18 - Dear Fred, Thanks a lot for putting Don Bastow back in touch with me after around 55 years. He just remembered mine and Colin’s involvement in jazz during the 50’s and early 60’s.  He and his wife Jean, who married the week after us, went on a number of holidays together with us. He had a lot of business moves and we lost touch.  However, with your help, we met up yesterday here in Wales and it was so good to catch up, we never stopped talking and I have been invited up to their home in the Lake District soon. I think you should go into business as an Agency for finding lost friends...and not only musicians! - Cheers Brenda Canty-Forrest (Brenda Tomkin).


01/09/18 - I have just returned to Wales after saying farewell to Doug Whaley. He was quite simply the best! Having known him for over 50yrs as both a band member and friend l will miss him terribly. He was a member of the Zenith Six during the heyday of the Black Lion, and during his last few difficult years we shared good times in New Orleans and on safari in Kenya. He was so chuffed when we were recognised in a crowded Jazz club on Times Square New York a few years ago! He was a rock when I lost Keith in 2002.  Along with many of his friends musicians and family we have given him a send off which I know he would have approved.  Gabriel it's time to pass your trumpet to a better player! - Marcia Pendlebury.


01/09/18 - It was quite like the good old days today in St Annes at Sea today, crowds of people on the beach and the pier, all coming to listen to Mike Lovell's Sticky Rock Jazz Trio with Mike Lovell, Anthony Mason and Colin Turner. OK, well I suppose some had maybe come for the kite festival too.



01/09/18 - Bands come and bands go, some from this country and some from abroad. But one band that came from America on more than one occasion, not only made a lasting impression on Barbara & I when we put them on in Preston in April 2000 after being approached by friend of the band, Mart Rodger, but reed player Bob Storms kept and published a diary of subsequent visits between 2003 and 2005. It makes for interesting reading about some of the NW jazz clubs as seen through foreign eyes. It's this week's Page of the Week.


01/09/18 - Many Happy Returns on Tuesday to Howard Worthington and Tony Davis.


01/09/19 - Daytime midweek jazz events coming up - On Tue, 4 September, 14:00 – 16:00, The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House. Tickets can be reserved by ringing 0151 726 9304 or alternatively you can pay at the door. Further information can be obtained from Peter Swensson 0151 722 1478.  Following the summer break, Jim Swinnerton re-opens Lancashire's only jazz club when he presents The Three Bears trio with Mike Owen and special guests John Hallam and Jamie Brownfield at Kirkland & Catterall Memorial Hall, near Garstang, Preston PR3 0HR.  It takes place on Thu, 6 September, 12:00 – 14:30 Admission includes hotpot or vegetarian option.




31/08/18 - Hi Fred What a lovely tribute and good wishes piece John Percival has written to Alex Clarke. John obviously has a leaning towards encouragement of the young, who we have to look on to keep our jazz alive. I've been 'beating the drum' for some time in favour of young bands getting more bookings in Jazz Clubs and Festivals. But while the UK hangs back the Continent is steaming ahead with great young bands emerging with regularity. Age has caught up with me and I have retired from jazz events promotion, but I am finding time again helping the young Frog and Henry Band fill the northern part of their Feb 2019 Tour with the five piece. Sadly Malcolm, Roa Island JC, has retired and we are currently in negotiation with a venue to fill that Feb 15 date, otherwise we were close to releasing a twelve plus venue programme. All good fun, and a pleasant, amiable and seriously enthusiastic bunch of young musicians I have had the good fortune of meeting over the last few years. It would be great to be able to turn the clock back ! Good luck for the future Alex. - Norman  Gibson


31/08/18 - Just to let all the friends of these two bands know of their parts in this year's Wirral Arts Festival festival. The Merseysippi have the honour of presenting the opening concert on Saturday 29th September at Heswall Hall: 8 till 10.30. Tickets from Linghams bookshop in Heswall or from the band. Price £10. The Peninsula Jazzmen welcome all comers to Heswall Royal British Legion on Tuesday 2nd October, 8.30 to 11.00. Free admission but donations are welcomed!  Both bands look forward to seeing you at the Festival. For full details, check www.wirralartsfestival.co.uk



28/08/18 - The Dixie Beats would like to wish our brilliant reed player, Alex Clarke, all the very best in her studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Alex will appear with us at Eagley on Monday night (3rd. Sept) before setting off next week to start her four year course (although she will still perform with us during vacations and home visits). During the last two years Alex has well and truly established herself on the circuit and seems to have played with everyone in every genre. Despite this considerable success she remains a truly down to earth, good humoured musician and it is an absolute delight to have her as a member of the the band. Her contributions to our arrangements and performances, enthusiasm and personality have made her a key part of our line up and we look forward to welcoming her back as often as she can manage, and when she's an international superstar will be quite happy to be the backing group. Good luck and every success in your studies, Alex - you deserve it. - John Percival;


28/08/18 - Norman Dakers' funeral will be at Peel Green Crematorium at 11am Wednesday 5th Sept. postcode M30 7LW. and afterwards at Irlam Social Club Cutnook Lane, M44 6JS - Tony Dunleavy


28/08/18 - I also remember Doug Whaley, and twice singing with him and the Red River at Dresden Dixieland Jazz Festival, 1985 and 1990.have you seen the clip on U tube?  Hoffman Jazz. I am sad that I can’t get over from Sweden to attend his funeral on the 31 August. My love and happy memories to all my music friends, and the times we shared together - Sheila Collier


28/08/18 - I remember Norman Dakers when I joined the Southside Stompers in 1958.  He was such good fun!   I remember giving him a lift in my Isetta bubble car over the Pennines to Sheffield to play in a Jazz Club over there, and we got lost and had to ask the way. He was a large gentleman, and when I opened the front for him to get out, he almost rocked the little 3 Wheeler over.  Another time we got lost in the smog, and I stayed at his mum’s house, borrowing her long nightdress. I was only 18. Happy days. My condolences to his family, - Sheila Collier.

27/08/18 - Just doing a bit more tidying up of my collection and thought I'd send you this interesting little clip...... Zutty talking about the 1938 Panassié session (Mezzrow, James P., Ladnier etc.). At the end, Zutty wonders what happened to the final recording after James P. & Ladnier became the worse for wear. Well, it eventually came to light and I have added an extract at the end of Zutty's piece. - Graham Martindale -  Click here to listen


27/08/18 - In readiness for the re-opening of the Garstang Jazz Club on 6th September  next week, following the summer recess, Jim Swinnerton has sent me a couple of posters iadvertising what appears should be a great event - click here to view


27/08/18 - Sorry to relay news of the passing of NORMAN DAKERS on Aug 23rd 2018. Norman was an original member of SOUTHSIDE J. B. of Manchester during late 1950's/early 60/s. A fine musician & a larger than life character. His regular saying was 'I used to know lots of jokes, but can't remember any ' , then spent the next half hour rolling them out non-stop. He saw action in Europe during the 1939-45 war, where he sustained a back injury which affected him for the rest of his life. During recent years He, wife Margaret, my wife Jean & myself were frequent visitors to jazz clubs & dining out until ill health hit them. A lovely man, always pleasant (except when he had to wear a tie). Everybody he met was his friend. He will be missed. R. I. P. "Norm" - Frank Cholerton


26/08/18 - Re; Page of The Week. Thank you Fred for showing Laurie Taylor's 'Thinking Allowed' broadcast. He's right. For anyone around at the time the Temple was the place to be with the Mersey's at their excitingly entertaining best. Who cannot remember, with joy, admiration,and a bit of a drunken smile, Liverpool's own Neddy Seagoon aka Pete Daniels playing the part of a Tradjazz Maynard Ferguson. What a terrific band in an amazing period in the cultural history of Liverpool,where there was music before the Beatles. Unfortunately not too many people know that now. The Temple is now a Coffee Bar and Deli called Baby E. - Bob Lamb


26/08/18 - I just read Ian Royle's very accurate description of the weather conditions on Llandudno Pier last Friday 24th August with the River City jazz band, and I've only got one comment to make - I've started with a cold today, I wonder why?! - Laurie Cooper.


26/08/18 - Sticky Rock Three - just finished the gig in the Sunset Lounge on The North Pier, with Paul Guppy, Dave Bateman and Mike Lovell on the North Pier at Blackpool.


26/08/18 - The Temple in Liverpool is the subject of this week's Page of the Week


26/08/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Mike McLachlan & Andrew Mackenzie, and on Tuesday to Keith Shone.


26/08/18 - More midweek daytime Jazz events this week than usual - On Mon, 27 August, 11:00 – 17:00, Deco Delight at Cartmel races, and on Tue 28th August, 13:15 – 16:30, The River City Jazz Band are on Llandudno Pier. Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar will be at The North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood on Wed, 29 August, 12:00 – 14:30. Then finally on Friday  The River City Jazz Band are back on Llandudno Pier again from 13:15 – 16:30.


26/08/18 - After the monsoon conditions on Llandudno Pier this last Friday (thanks to all our supporters for their enthusiasm before the thunderstorms), today's show (Sunday 26th August) has been cancelled due to the prospect of further downpours. However the River City Jazz Band will be appearing in wellies, sou'westers, thermal underwear and suitably anointed with goose grease on Bank Holiday Monday and on the Tuesday as well.- Ian Royle


24/08/18 - There is now a tribute page for Doug Whaley, and I've just added the latest email which came from Frank Slater.


24/08/18 - For anyone wishing to catch up with Alex, the Alex Clarke Quartet will be paying at the Congleton Jazz & Blues Festival tomorrow (Saturday 25th), with Special Guest TJ Johnson, formerly of this parish but now resident in London. Also appearing is Liverpool-based Amanda Brown and the Common Ears, who I and countless others had the good fortune to see at Trevor Stent's recent Fest Jazz in Brittany. Other sessions over the weekend include the Beartown Stompers and Swingology.- Barry Pryme



23/08/18 - Sad to hear about Doug'. I played with him many times over the years. He was able to adapt to any style of jazz and Big Band music, I enjoyed every session I did with him. He showed such tenacity to carry on with his playing after the devastating series of strokes he suffered, mastering playing left handed. and having a stand made to hold his trumpet in the playing position Another light has gone out in the jazz world. Rest in Peace Doug - Tony Dunleavy


23/08/18 - Really sad to hear about Doug Whaley’s passing : knew him from his association with local jazz musicians in Whitefield, North Manchester, including Jim Ashton (banjo ) who played in the ‘Cotton City Jazzmen ‘ whose base was a pub , near where I moved to from Whitefield just off Walmersley Road , Bury , in October 1957. Will tell Jim the arrangements: knew Doug wasn’t well , & understand he lived not far from the wake venue, but never got round to visiting him. Wouldn’t have taken much effort as I live in Bolton too! - Brian Taylor.


23/08/18 - I am deeply sorry to hear about Doug. He was just about the best player in the North West and, specifically, one of the nicest fellows you could meet. I hadn't seen him for years, but will always remember him and his playing. - Steve Voce



22/08/18 - Ray Murphy is "interested in meeting someone to play jazz trumpet (dixi) and give me advice,would like to find a tutor - I live in OL11 area of Greater Manchester. Played with Owen Bryce in Northampton". Any ideas anyone?

22/08/18 - I am very sad to advise you that I received a call from Colin Whaley, a nephew of Doug Whaley. Colin advised me that Doug passed away on Monday 20th August after being ill for some time. Colin has provided me with the following details relating to the funeral. Colin is quite happy for me to pass on this information for publication on JazzNorthWest. Doug’s funeral will be held at Radcliffe Crematorium at 2.30pm on Thursday 30th August, Postcode M26 4EU. His wake is at Bradshaw Conservative Club, Bradshaw, Bolton, Postcode BL2 3ET – All Welcome.  Doug was a brilliant musician and a major influence to many musicians in jazz circles of all genre. He played a big part in my own life as a musician, work colleague and friend since 1957. He will be sadly missed and I have no doubt that his passing marks the end of an era for many of us. - Regards, Barry Aldous


22/08/18 - Could you have filled three pages about your life story at the age of 18?  Well North West jazz musician, Alex Clarke, has done just that in the latest edition of Just Jazz Magazine, and what an interesting and well written story she has to tell. Mark my words, this is one determined young lady who is going places. She recently released her first CD and says she's "serious about doing my bit towards the apparent revival of young people playing and enjoying jazz and swing". Well worth getting hold of a copy of the magazine which you can order by clicking here and sending off the form.


20/08/18 - Details have now come through for Alan Duckles' funeral arrangements. His funeral will take place at Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium on Friday 31st August at 2-30pm, and afterwards at the Greaves Park


20/08/18 - Tonight – the sensational Benny Goodman Small Groups from the 1930s on Now You Has Jazz, Jazz, Jazz with Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton, Harry James Martha Tilton and the great Gene Krupa. 8pm on "The Sound of Spitfire"

20/08/18 - Some more cracking photographs from Rochdale Jazz Club Last night. Sam Ralph kindly gave access to them here - Andrew MacKenzie's Jazz Friends


20/08/18 - Could you help Marsden Jazz Festival go with a swing? Well that's the headline in Saddleworth Life. It's detailed in this week's JazzNorthWest Weekly. "Marsden Jazz Festival needs you!" It would appear that Marsden Jazz Festival, is seeking volunteers to help ensure this year’s event goes smoothly.


19/08/18 - ‘Director/Producer Renee Edwards has crafted a documentary about the embattled tradition of New Orleans’ musicians, and their struggle for continued habitation and survival after their careers have been made barely tenable by natural disaster, poor flood defences and political machinations. - Katrina.  “If the musicians ain’t got a chance to live, then what chance has the music got?” - Dr John. The film, "One Note At A Time" is set in the iconic musical backdrop of New Orleans, where the music stopped in 2005 when one of the most destructive hurricanes in American history struck. The flood defences failed, flooding the Crescent City for weeks. Lives were lost and lives were shattered. Many displaced musicians felt compelled to return to the chaos and bleak confusion to play again. This is the story of some who made it back, told in their own words, with those who fought alongside to resuscitate the music scene. I have been in contact with Jane Munro who tells me -"The film is screening at HOME Manchester Aug 24-30. Here is their film page, although tickets won’t go on sale until Tuesday. https://homemcr.org/film/one-note-time/".  Check out the trailer  below



19/08/18 - Correction - Just one daytime midweek jazz event - The River City Jazz Band on Llandudno Pier on Fri, 24 August, 13:15 – 16:30


19/08/18 - This week's Page of The Week is "What makes a Jazz Club successful"? It was put together by John Muskett from the results of a poll by Norman Gibson and David Wellock back in 2014.


19/08/18 - Many Happy Returns next Saturday to Ben Holder, and on Sunday to Mike McLachlan & Andrew Mackenzie.


17/08/18 - Mart Rodger writes, "I have just found a tape recorded in 1956 at The King's Hall in Cheadle Hulme. John Mayall vocal/piano, Derek Atkins trumpet, Alan Hare trombone, Frank Booth banjo/guitar, Norman Slater double bass, Gordon Becket drums and myself Mart Rodger clarinet. There are three numbers "The Sheik of Araby", "Buckets Got a Hole in It", "If you See Me Comin'. This was Alan Hare’s band.".


16/08/18 - After 24 years of jazz at Roa Island the last gig will be with on the 8 September 2018 with Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band with Alex Clarke. After a minor incident at our last gig, the Roa Island Boat Club informed me that I could no longer serve food at my jazz events. Since Cooking with Jazz has been a major factor in selling 'tickets' I said that I would not continue. I and others are now diverting our support to the Kendal Jazz Club. Val Kennedy is considering putting on a substitute for the Keith Nichols gig at Abbots Hall Hotel, Kents Bank. Paul Loftus also hopes to revive the Prince of Wales Pub, Foxfield, as a jazz venue.


15/08/18 - I've set up a page in memory of Alan Duckles, so if you have any stories or memories you'd like to share, please let me have them. It's because of researchers  and emails from distant relatives or old acquaintance Googling people they once knew, that I have come to realise the importance of the tribute pages.


15/08/18 - The new venue for the Wall City Jazz Band is now established. It is Upton-By-Chester Royal British Legion. We will be playing on the second Tuesday of each month. Entry is £4 on the door, inclusive of raffle tickets, and we start at 8 pm. - Alan Jeffs


15/08/18 - Peter Vickers tells me that his book, "The Silver Bell Band - Fifty Years of Music Making", when printed, will be available for £5 which includes postage in the UK.


14/08/18 - Hi Fred, I recently came across a new-ish band (The Peter Johnson Quartet), playing the second Saturday each month at the newly opened Cafelito lounge & bistro, directly opposite the main entrance to Stockport train station, generally from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. With no door charge, a pleasant way to enjoy a coffee, snack or meal during a break from shopping. - Barry Pryme.


14/08/18 - Re: Alan Duckles, very sad. Done many gigs with Alan and Geraldine. It was only last week I asked Barry Marshall about him. Great character and a nice guy.
Kindest thoughts to the family - Gerry & Margaret Clayton.


14/08/18 - One or two people told me yesterday that someone had written some nice things about me on your site, so I had a look & found that that person was my old pal Ian Royle. I blushed when I read what he wrote about me. It's always a great pleasure to play alongside Ian, he's a superb player & a great motivator. You either have to try to rise to his level of exuberance or risk being a total passenger. He said to me many years ago "I'll shake you out of your trombone playing lethargy, Cooper" - he did too, & continues to do so! I don't see nearly enough of Ian these days. - Laurie Cooper.


14/08/18 - When Barbara and I went to Lancaster back in the 90s to listen to the first live jazz band after years in the wilderness listening to other music, it was to see The New Riverside Jazz Band at the Wagon & Horses where we met the band leader, Alan Duckles, on the first of many occasions. So it was with sadness that I learned that Alan had passed away yesterday.  I took this lovely photograph of Alan and his wife Geraldine back in 2002 when we went out for lunch together (click on it for larger version). Alan had founded the New Riverside Jazz Band and led the band since 1983, and eventually retired in early 2017 following a period of ill health. He also fronted  two other bands - Tom Culbert's "Quayside Hot Stompers" and Barrie Marshall's "Sun Street Stompers", and was well known in the Lancaster area having been a teacher there for many years and very much involved with The Footlights Theatre Company based at The Grand Theatre in Lancaster. He was with them for along time as an actor and by all accounts was a good one. Fellow musicians Alan Mathews and Dave Bateman were also in The Footlights the same time.. Geraldine (Gerry) Duckles also played banjo and tenor guitar in those two bands and our thoughts go out to her and their family.


13/08/18 - Many thanks for continuing to present the always enjoyable ( and informative ) Newsletter and helping to keep jazz alive in the North West. If I may revisit the past and the Merseys during their residency at the Albert Dock. Admission was free and downstairs in the vault. I'm sure many readers will remember it and the excellent sessions. One night Ken 'Nob' Baldwin asked me when i arrived if I had been charged a pound to enter. He then told me that a young local 'entrepeneur' (sic) had been standing outside at the entrance charging people a pound to go in ! He had clearly done a flit before i arrived. Those really were the days. - Bob Lamb


13/08/18 - Parrjazz returned to their original base at Studio2, Parr Street  at the beginning of June where sessions start at 8.30pm until 11pm and then the jam for musicians. The admission is free.  In addition to live music Parrjazz continue to hold their Jazz Jam + the added vinyl  jam which last week included  a Clarence Williams LP.   Do you know  the film 'The Legend of 1900' ? The part of Jelly Roll Morton, including the shining diamond-studded tooth, is played by grandson Clarence Williams III and includes a whirlwind of a ' piano duel '. A clip is on YouTube.  The resident quartet  support the guest musician although there is sometimes a visiting band. A recent appearance was The Grumpah Band from Yorkshire, although not sure what category I'd place them in with bjo/tpt/sousaphone. All I do know that it was one hell of a night. - Bob Lamb


12/08/18 - As band members selfishly take summer holidays, we (Mad Ed Hot Five), have extended out Summer break until Sunday September 9th. Dave Dixson, Stan Williams Mike Swift and a dep for Prof Rippeth ( apparently he will be wrestling with some extra hard sums that day) will be performing alongside my saintly loveliness from ½ 3 thru 6 at the Blue Bell in Halkyn. This is our 13 year you know and our highly valued raffle is a huge attraction. For those not in the know, every week we give away large quantities of shop soiled slightly out of date Jaffa cakes. They keep our regulars..... er, regular. - Ed Lloyd-Hughes

12/08/18 - One lovely lady musician I have yet to meet is Susan Reid-Povall, who grew up surrounded by music, as her father, Roy, was a very accomplished jazz piano player and her aunt, Beryl Reid, was to become very famous in the world of theatre and film. Along with Malcolm Hogarth and partner Isabel Toner she recorded a CD a couple of years ago. You can listen to a sample by going to this week's Page of The Week

12/08/18 - Midweek daytime jazz this week - The High Society Jazz Band at Carnforth Station on Fri, 17 August, 12:30 – 14:30 at Carnforth Railway Station where there are Tea Rooms and Good food available. Also on Friday The Riverside Jazz Band will be playing on Llandudno Pier between 13:15 – 16:30. The Riverside Jazz Band plays daytime gigs on Llandudno Pier on Fridays and Sundays throughout the rest of August and into September plus Bank Holiday Monday.

12/08/18 - Many Happy Returns this week to a couple of drummers, Alan Davies, now down in the South West, and to Midland's Graham Smith once a regular visitor to the North West with the Antique Six.

10/08/18 - I'm not a natural book reader, prefer to use them for reference only, but I recently read a book from start to finish, something I haven't done in a long time. However this book was something special. It's a history of a local Preston jazz band, "The Silver Bell Band - Fifty Years of Music Making" by the band leader, Pete Vickers. It's full of photographs and charts the places and events at which the band has played, and the musicians who have been part of it. There are amusing anecdotes, including one where the Pete tells of the "numerous performances at The Gynn Square in Blackpool which were memorable to several members of the band who had visited New Orleans many times. Memorable in that they used the same pungent and flowery toilet cleaner as the well frequented Johnnie White's bar in the crescent city". Pete's first batch of 100 books have already sold out. Perhaps not so much sold out as given out to the many musicians who have featured in it, as well as friends and acquaintances such as myself. If you want a copy, then you'll probably have to wait for the reprint, but you can let me know and I'll pass details on and hopefully reserve you a copy. I'm not sure of the price yet.

10/08/18 - Derek Harrison writes, "My wife and I still run a monthly Jazz Session (2nd Thursday in each month) at The Boathouse Restaurant, Ellesmere, Shropshire. I don't trouble you with it - although it has become one of the best and most popular jazz venues for miles - because I'm aware we are 'on the fringe' of the North-West area you cover mainly.  However, since last night's session featured prominent musicians from the north-west, I would like to mention it to you. With myself on piano and my dynamic drummer - Graham 'Rockit' Ashley, we combined Mersyside Vibes player Vic Blackwell, outstanding Bassist Grant Russell and the delightful jazz singer Nat Blooms (both from Manchester). This resulted in a great evening of swinging jazz much appreciated by a full house at The Boathouse.  Other musicians featured in Ellesmere have - or are about to be featured - include, Jamie Brownfield - trumpet; Roy Sainsbury - guitar; Mark Challinor's Wabash Jazzmen; The Chicago Swing Katz; Stan Williams - trumpet; together with Terry McGrath and George Huxley. The Boathouse is a venue with a growing reputation and of course, you would be welcome at any time".

09/08/18 - The Riverside Jazz Band plays daytime gigs on Llandudno Pier on Fridays and Sundays throughout the rest of August and into September 1-15pm until 4-30pm. plus Bank Holiday Monday. After the sad death of Bob Hambleton we've had Andrew MacKenzie from the Chicago Teds and the great Laurie Cooper on trombone.  Laurie and I have worked with big and small bands in the past and it was such a pleasure to hear that his superlative phrasing and expertise have not diminished since we played together in the past.  If you can survive the traffic on the A55 and negotiate the parking restrictions in Llandudno I'll play 'West End Blues' for you (perhaps). I've met twenty former brass pupils of mine on that pier. We had a photographer with a dozen long angle lenses snapping away at the band. When the gig finished, he offered his services as a publicity agent for the band-local press and all that. Gerry Owen (reeds) said he should have a word with the banjo player. "Which one is the banjo player?" he asked. The band collapsed in hysterics. Just love the gig-until the monsoon arrives!! - Ian Royle

09/08/18 - In the latest issue of JazzNorthWest Weekly, there's an article on Louis Armstrong along with 44 photographs of him. Scroll down to "Louis Armstrong @ All About Jazz"

08/08/18 - There's a new kid on the block, well more like an old kid that's been round the block and back. Welcome back to Cumbrian band - The Gentlemen of Jazz, who after an  absence have reformed. Led by Peter Myers, the band are now featured on the site and can be accessed from the Band Spotlight page otherwise known as the Main Menu.

07/08/18 - "An update about our visit to the Jazz Centre UK.", writes Jenny Knight. "Rayk jazz (Ray & Jenny Knight and Louis Lince), were invited to give a brief talk about the documentaries we have made, "The Road to Southport Pier - A jazz Odyssey 2017" and "From the Dee to the Mersey - the jazz odyssey continues".  We were very warmly welcomed by Digby Fairweather and were introduced to volunteers and Trustees who were there.  It was billed as 'A very special jazz event in our Lecture Theatre at 2pm. Louis Lince and partners Ray and Jenny Knight join us at 2pm to present a talk about their pioneering documentaries about jazz in the north-west. Their talk will feature a unique premier of their second film "From the Dee to the Mersey".     They have a very good audio/visual system - it was very nice to see the film on the big screen - and the theatre was full.  All the comments were very good and we have been invited back.  If you or anyone "Oop North" should be in the vicinity of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, we can highly recommend a visit, you will not be disappointed - and there are plenty of exhibits.  Our third documentary is in editing and the fourth is at the planning stage".

06/08/18 - The Savannah Jazz Band played at Rochdale Jazz Club last night, and there to record the event once again was Sam Ralph. You can see some of his great photographs here

05/08/18 - There are no daytime midweek jazz events this week.

05/08/18 - Page of the week remains the same because the links in Jazz Extras and What's On were not updated. It's Andrew's Liddle's article about the recording of St Thomas Breakdown by Mart Rodger M/cr Jazz

05/08/18 - Many Happy Returns this coming week to Mark Challinor on Tuesday, Keith Moore on Wednesday Frank Lowe on Friday and Harold Salisbury on Saturday.

05/08/18 - We have enjoyed some great jazz events over many years, going back to Queenie Watts' weekend sessions at her Ironbridge Tavern in London's East End in the early sixties, Phil Mason's Bute Festival and visits to NOLA. But we would say that Fest Jazz last weekend in Chateauneuf Du Faou was our Jazz Nirvana. OK, so it rained all day Sunday, but what a brilliant programme of the best of jazz the world has to offer. The 'Shake 'em Up' girls were just fantastic (Trevor Stent rates them best in the world - see jazzandjazz.com) , as were 'Mama Shakers', 'Frog and Henry' with Ewan Bleach, 'Ben Waters' with 16 year old son Tom on sax.. The UK contingent 'Amanda Brown and The Common Ears', 'The Chris Hayward 4' and 'Tad Newton's Jazz Friends' were all very well received. Trevor will have a hard job topping this in 2019, but feel sure many of them will be invited back! - Norman and Meryl Gibson

03/08/18 - 1,300 people accessed the web site last month, and there was a total of 5,100 visits, so still worth pressing on.

03/08/18 - You'd be thinking that the future's looking bright if you read the New Times in Phoenix Arizona, which you probably don't. - "The Lava Hot Jass Band brings its own flavor to New-Orleans-style jazz music. Courtesy of Lava Hot Jass Band, a Group of Arizona State University (ASU) Students Are Bringing New Orleans Jazz to the Desert. Mostly graduate and doctoral students from ASU’s School of Music, as well as alumni, make up the Lava Hot Jass Band. A few younger students, such as trumpet player Liam Connor, are the exception. Wen Wu, a clarinet player from China, is the brainchild of the group. A trip to New Orleans three years ago led to an appreciation for the style, inspiring her to start her own group last year".  “I just fell in love with the music," says Wen, who is an orchestral clarinet major. It never really clicked with me until I went to New Orleans. It feels like I finally understand jazz.”. Check them out at rehersal on https://youtu.be/2E7YhMM-wTI

03/08/18 - Sadly, July 30 was the final date at The Mill Hotel for the Wall City Jazz Band. It was a great send off, with the room absolutely packed with enthusiastic jazz fans. All is not lost, however, as I have found a possible new venue which will provide much more seating, dance floor space, and much easier parking. It's the Royal British Legion, Heath Road, Upton-By-Chester CH2 1HX. We will be playing there on Tuesday August 7, as a 'trial' event. - Alan Jeffs

July 2018

31/07/18 - One of the nicest parts of maintaining this web site, is putting old friends back in touch. Last night I had a phone call from Don Bastow trying to contact Colin Tomkins, and sadly I had to inform him that his funeral was announced on the site back in January this year. He said he was a personal friend of Colin & Brenda (now Canty Forrest), and I said I could pass his details on to Brenda if he wished, and he did. Brenda replied and said, "Thank you for that, it is amazing. We knew Don from about 1954 when we all worked at ICI. It wasn’t a jazz friendship but we did go on holiday a few times with him and his wife in the late 50s and when we moved to Wales in 1962 we sort of lost touch. Your site has helped me before in finding friends (and musician friends). I am thrilled to be able to contact Don Bastow again. Thank you so much Fred you do a great job.

30/07/18 - The Autumn issue of Just Jazz is now out and you can check out the cover by clicking here

30/07/18 - I don’t know if I missed any mention of the festival here in North Wales on your page but I have been for the last 3 years and it has been a big success yet again.  It has attracted a big appreciative audience.  The Fringe isn’t expensive and is so popular and even though we had rain showers from time to time it was under cover, and is mostly trad/ mainstream.  I must add we had some young graduates from Leeds college called Mangate Swingers Party who we really enjoyed.  They played a lot of old standard jazz tunes with a bit of a twist and were so happy.  Think we will hear a lot of them in the future.  The Main marquee mostly has the Modern jazz.  We were there all day for 3 days in the Fringe and heard some fantastic jazz, even Stéphane Grappelli type, and Llandudno Big Swing band ,and others. A very entertaining. weekend, just hope it’s there again next year. - Brenda Canty Forest.

30/07/18 - "Dear Fred, Thank you for mentioning our 61st Anniversary. I’m glad to say Janet is getting better from her foot operation and two bad falls.  On the day we were married I was a member with the Zenith Six and our weekly Friday session was at The Clarendon on Oxford Road, Manchester and a picture of the venue is attached. After our wedding we came to our flat in Disley and we were invited to a party that evening with the Zenith Six.  We are both very happy and love having so many great friends like yourself and Barbara". -  Mart and Janet Rodger

30/07/18 - A headline from Friday's Washington Post  - "New Orleans celebrates 300 years of letting the good times roll .... New Orleans turns 300 years this year".   Founded in1718 by French Canadian Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, it's quite an interesting article.

29/07/18 - Alex Clarke, the young reed player from South Manchester who has made her presence well and truly known in the North West, is on her way to the Midlands, where the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (Birmingham City University) beckons, and I'm sure we all wish her well for the future. Alex is also really excited to announce that her debut album “Mirage” is finally out and available to purchase.  It features Alex Clarke (saxes & flute),  Tom Kincaid (piano),  Ed Harrison (bass) and  Eryl Roberts (drums), You can order a copy for £12 incl. p&p. via http://www.alexclarkejazz.co.uk/new-cd, or find her at a gig and you can take one away with you for just £10! Her next gig is at The Conservative Club, Ashton U Lyne with The Tame Valley Stompers (Beaky Jazz Club) on Wed, 1 August, at 8-30pm

29/07/18 - The rain stopped just after lunch, so a quick decision to dash up to Fleetwood to see and hear Mike Lovell's Four in a Bar at the North Euston in Fleetwood today. Willie Entwistle, Mike, Chris Howse and bass player Ed Harrison. I was quite amused at a sandwich board in the hotel lobby which read, "Soup of The Day" then underneath, "Ham Egg & Chips £7.50" That's some chunky soup. Click on photo for larger version.

29/07/18 - There are no daytime midweek jazz events this week unless you know different?

29/07/18 - Many Happy Returns next week to Jim Swinnerton and Ken Binns on Monday, and to Mike Lovell on Friday. Also congratulations to Mart & Janet Rodger who celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary on Friday.  Eleven years earlier, to celebrate their Golden Wedding and dedicated to Janet, Mart and the band recorded the CD,  "ALLMART". There to witness the recording in  St. Thomas’s, Stockport, was Andrew Liddle, who went on to write the sleeve notes for the CD. Mart is a perfectionist and if you want to know what it takes to get a recording session just right, read Andrew's article about it - St Thomas Breakdown. It's this week's Page of the Week.  I've just been listening to this lovely CD and this beautiful recording of Amazing Grace. Also the CD is still available from here

27/07/18 -
Bingley Mavericks gig list has been updated

27/07/18 - Last minute change at Carlisle Jazz Club - Emily Bacon's Good Time Gang now playing on Aug 2nd

26/07/18 - Mike Lovell has shared this video with me https://youtu.be/5pd8D3pGalE. It features LAUGHING STOCK with Willy Entwistle (Temperance Seven & Six In A Bar Classic Jazz Band) and Gerry Mawdsley (ukulele player & president of the George Formby Society). Enjoy.

26/07/18 - "Re: Rayk jazz documentaries. As you may be aware", writes Louis Lince, "We are having severe problems with people from the other side of the world ripping off our titles on YouTube and putting pornographic materials up under the name. Legal action is taking place....BUT .... Good news - the three of us (Ray, Jenny and I) are giving a presentation in Southend to the Jazz Centre UK on Saturday 4th August in the afternoon talking about our documentary series and a big screen viewing of #2 "From the Dee to the Mersey ". Both our titles have been accepted into their archive for posterity! We're still working on the editing of #3 and are planning #4 to cover the Newcastle (not Northwest but oop north!) area".

25/07/18 - Carlisle Jazz Club gig list has been updated

25/07/18 - I love this story from Barrie Marshall about a regular venue for the Silver Bell Band. "I was talking to the landlord of the Mad Hatters in Preston last week, I asked him why they had changed the name from The Ale Emporium. He said because it was nicknamed The A & E, and when one guy told a taxi driver to pick him up from pub, the taxi went to the hospital because he gave the driver the nickname".

24/07/18 - Thanks to Sam Ralph, there are more great pictures taken at Rochdale Jazz Club, this time it's the Aire Valley Jazz Band with some well known faces that you can see here. I've added links to all Sam's photographs on the Rochdale Jazz Club page

23/07/18 - "An old friend of the band (Sun Street Stompers), turned up today with his sousaphone", wrote Barrie Marshall  on Sunday. Arno Bakker did a duet with Paul Guppy on tuba. which you can see at https://youtu.be/czgSGgLquAk.

23/07/18 - The latest edition of Jazznorthwest Weekly, my weekly jazz newspaper, features an article entitled Jelly Roll Morton's House - New Orleans Music Map, as well as lots of other articles which you may find of interest.

23/07/18 - Many NW jazz bands have played at Pickering Jazz Festival in the past including the Quayside Hot Stompers where you can find a video of the band on their page, when they were playing there. So what happened to the Pickering Jazz Festival?  Well The Kirkbymoorside Town Blog stated on Saturday - "The Sixth Ryedale Festival of Traditional Jazz will be held in Pickering and starts tomorrow, Sunday, with a week long programme of concerts. The Festival kicks off at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul at 2.30pm with a spirituals concert featuring the Ryedale Jazz Band. All the other concerts will be held in the Memorial Hall and start each evening at 7.30pm".  Some things haven't changed though - The Harlem Hot Stompers play on Monday, July 23, Tame Valley Stompers on Thursday, July 26, "Mick Lovell and his Siz-in-a-Bar" on Saturday, July 28. (I guess that unless they have amended it by now, it's going to be hot 'sizzling' jazz - Fred).

22/07/18 - "Bonjour Fred. I had forgotten all about my memoirs of The Strawbury Duck. I have a few recordings I made on my little cheap cassette recorder (quality varies) and here are two by The French Quarter Band from 1985 and one by The Magnolia Band, probably the same year.  As I wrote in my earlier dissertation The M6 Breakdown Band was the regular Thursday night entertainment. And, as you can hear from the attached recording, entertainment is certainly was". - Graham Martindale. You can hear these tracks on the Strawbury Duck page

22/07/18 -
If you are a Plusnet customer and receive this news via email, I'm afraid several were rejected this weekend as they were regarded as spam. You'll need to catch up by visiting this news page on the site.

22/07/18 -  Yesterday, on the eve of Fest Jazz getting under way, Peter Butler has posted, on his website www.jazzandjazz.com, the full programme for Fest Jazz 2018. It contains some very good videos of bands appearing, which Festival Director and ex Blue Mags leader Trevor Stent has commented he is very pleased with. All needed now is the weather to be kind. - Norman Gibson

22/07/18 - There's one pub in the North West I've nearly made it to on a couple of occasions, the last time proving that I'd approached it from the wrong end and the road was impassable. It's off the beaten track somewhat, so much so that the Google Camera car has not even ventured near it so you won't find it on Google Street Map. Hard to imagine that  The Strawbury Duck (my spell checker tells me that's spelt wrong, but it isn't), in Entwistle, Turton near Bolton, was once a thriving traditional jazz venue. It was mentioned on the site back in 2013 and is this week's Page of The Week

22/07/18 - Daylight Jazz next week includes Deco Delight at Cartmel Races on Monday from 11am and Mike Lovell's 6 in a bar at the North Euston Hotel, Fleetwood on Wed, 25 July, 12:00 – 14:30.

22/07/18 - Many Happy Returns today to Louis Lince. On Tuesday it's Brian Singleton's turn to celebrate his birthday, on Wednesday Les Harris, on Thursday Charlie Bentley, Friday it's Barry Grummett and next Sunday we have three in a row, Barry Aldous, Rae Owen and Ton Rippieth.  Happy Birthdays to you all.

21/07/18 - Bands that appear on the Spotlight Page (Main Menu) have appeared in What's On during the last 12 months. Unfortunately Payday Loons haven't had any public gigs in this period and like others, they now appear in the Whatever Happened to .... section. Their web page has the same address and can still be found via Google. Hopefully it won't be too long before they are listed on the Spotlight Page again.

20/07/18 - Mike Lovell has sent me a couple of photographs of  Anthony Mason, Colin Turner and himself taken at their gig at Lancaster University, for a graduation ceremony. See http://tinyurl.com/y8uodmvj

19/07/18 - Hi Fred,  Enjoying Davos New Orleans Jazz Festival and passed on your best to Geoff Bull & Ryoichi Kawai. Definitely the best N O style band around. Good to see Tom Kincaid & The Three Bears, doing their usual excellent job backing The Creole Clarinets as well as appearing in their own right. Apart from musicians we are virtually the only Brits here! Plenty of daytime music, perhaps you ought to consider it for 2019? - Fraser McCombe

19/07/18 - Nigel Irvine is the latest musician to join the Deps List. Nigel plays Sousaphone and Tuba, and although based in London, can travel anywhere in his camper van.

17/07/18 -  Just noticed the post on your website that says there isn't much midweek jazz on this week - but to reassure you and all your readers, the High Society Band will be at Carnforth Station as usual in Friday 20th July at 12.30pm for our 'Jazz Lunch'. - Dave Bateman. Thanks Dave, missed that one - Fred

16/07/18 - There's no session of Jazz Rendezvous at St Helens Bowling Club in August, but it will resume on September 9th with guests Terry Brunt (tbn), Dave Alexander (gtr) and Howard Murray (saxes).

16/07/18 - Hi Fred In your 'Page of the Week', it refers to a 'rake' as a 'ne'er do well'. I can recall my Dad back in NI, when he was giving some words of wisdom, telling us young brothers, to steer clear of some of the bxxxxy rakes around town and the women with them. If you check Wikipedia - 'Rake (Stock Character), you will find that rakes were, although charismatic, very unsavoury individuals. So ending up in St.James Infirmary, or any other one, was quite likely. I do, however, like very much Lucian Barbarin's version of SJI with the Dave Donohoe Jazz Band - Norman Gibson

16/07/18 - Would you buy a used car off this man?  Probably not because he doesn't sell them, but  yesterday, at 'Tram Sunday' in Fleetwood, as we arrived by the North Euston Hotel where the Wyre Levee Stompers were playing, he was reaching the end of a vocal. It was only when Pete Lindup (tpt) announced his name that I did a double take and realised who the guest trombonist was. Move your mouse over the picture to find out (Can you do that on an iPhone?). More pictures at http://tinyurl.com/ychb3kaa

15/07/18 -
A bit too late now, but this from edinburghguide.com - The 40th Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival is officially underway and will get into full swing this weekend with its two headline free events - the Mardi Gras and the Carnival.  This afternoon (Saturday 14th July), festival-goers will throng to the Grassmarket for swing, dixieland, New Orleans and trad jazz bands. Let's hope they did!

15/07/18 - I'm sure you are all familiar with the jazz number, "St James' Infirmary", but where was it?   That was an interesting discussion that took place in 2011 and is this week's Page of The Week

15/07/18 - The only place you'll find any jazz during the day next week will be in Manchester on Friday when the Manchester Jazz Festival is taking place, but you will be hard put to find any traditional variety I suspect.

15/07/18 - Many Happy Returns this coming week to Bob Pickersgill & Mike Carnie on Friday 20th, and Louis Lince next Sunday 22nd July.

13/07/18 - Thanks to Dennis Whitehead, I've added a link to an interesting band with a fascinating history - The Water Rats Jazz Band. The bad news, according to their web site is that "this year will be our final tour", but the good news is, "but last year was as well and so will be next year".

13/07/18 -  "Please could you let people know that the High Society Band's regular gig at The Bare Village Club at 4.00pm on Sunday 15th July is definitely on, despite the distractions of a certain football competition! There is also quite a lot of music going on in Morecambe over the weekend for the Morecambe Music Festival, but this is the ONLY venue for traditional jazz - and it's free!". - Dave Bateman

10/07/18 - It's that time of year again. Tram Sunday takes place annually in Fleetwood this coming Sunday, quite an event if you haven't been before. As usual the Wyre levee Stompers will be playing outside the North Euston Hotel.

10/07/18 - Sorry to hear about Derek Pearce. Until I read Pete Ward's comment I had forgotten about The Duel. It was at the Sportsman as far as I can remember. I don't know what sparked it off as I am sure I was my usual diplomatic self !  Anyway battle commenced although I don't know what the rest of the band thought. It can now be revealed that I won. At least I think so, maybe. - Moe Green. 

09/07/18 - The latest set of photographs from Sam Ralph taken at Rochdale Jazz Club, are now available to view by clicking here. They feature the Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band

09/07/18 - Those who are committed followers of the Tour de France on TV will see the the riders pass through the site of Fest Jazz at Châteauneuf-du-Faou on Wednesday 11th July around 14h15 -14h30 (UK time). They will possibly catch the concert of Good Time Jazz in the village square as well ( although with such frenzied excitement in the village and the number of bars open on the streets, it is quite possible that the group, along with most on the local inhabitants, will be horizontal by midday. - Trevor Stent

09/07/18 - The latest Dove Jazz Club Bugle can be seen by clicking here

08/07/18 - Here are the details of the funeral service for Bertram Donn: - Springwood Jewish Cemetery, Springwood Avenue, on the opposite side to Allerton Cemetery.  There will be a Jewish ceremony and burial (not cremation).  Here are the first details of the funeral service for Bert:  Location:  Springfield Jewish Cemetary, Garston L25 7UN.  Date/time: Tuesday 10 July at 1 PM.    Afterwards we will meet up at the Richmond Tavern, Church Road, Wavertree. - Howard Murray

08/07/18 - Hello Fred, I just picked up the sad news about Derek Pearce's passing. Great bass player and lovely man. I knew him well from playing trombone in Johnny Tippett’s band way back. I remember him once taking umbrage for some unfathomed reason at Moe Green’s drumming at a gig (possibly the Sportsman in Market Street) and having an almighty musical tussle, Derek ramping up his amplifier and Moe responding, with no need at all for electronic assistance. It sure was extremely loud! Don’t think either won. RIP Derek. - Peter Ward

08/07/18 - Back in January 2011, I asked the question -  "How many of you were into skiffle and was it all part of the jazz scene? I've only come across one band that plays skiffle these days, Peter Frank Allstars, maybe you know different?". Well you certainly did, so would be interesting to know if those answers still stand?  It's this week's Page of The Week

08/07/16 - NW musicians celebrating birthdays this week are Geraldine Duckles on Tuesday, Ian Royle on Wednesday, Cyril Wroe on Thursday and Isabel Toner on Friday. Many Happy Returns to you all.

08/07/16 - Wigan Jazz Festival take place this week, and it's the only place you are likely to find any daytime jazz midweek. Whether it's your kind of jazz or not, only you can tell me.

07/07/18 - Many thanks indeed to Cris Challener for his rapid fire delivery of the pics. They magnify very well, being made of dots, painstakingly from a photograph. We're used to megapixel phones now, but these to me are an artistic marker of the times, and as such unique. Thanks for sharing, Cris.

07/07/18 - In response to Jon White's request, Cris Challener has sent me two pictures by Frank Caunce which l have combined. Click on it for enlarged version. There's also one of Bessie Smith at http://tinyurl.com/yb9nmkzc

07/07/18 - Hello Fred, Another sad notification. Bertram Donn, jazz bassist, previously guitarist, of Liverpool collapsed during a bass solo on a gig on the Wirral.  He died in hospital the same evening but his son(s) made it to the hospital to be with him as he went. - Howard Murray

07/07/18 -
Hi Fred, Can't let Chris Challener get away with that appetite whetting re Frank Caunce, with no pics. Trombone playing Frank had a huge dedication to dotting a piece of paper from a photograph, producing "living" images, that moved with your glance. I'd love to see the Charlie Christian (my hero too), on Chris's wall. I'm wondering if Chris, or a pal, could send us a phone pic or something. - Jon White

06/07/18 - Back in the 1970s I was working for a time in Preston "on loan" to the HI-Fi shop Hardman's Radio.  Whilst there I met one Les Powell (I hope I remember his name correctly) who, like me, was a jazz fan and Les and I together with a few others would visit various spots in the area to see jazz. We saw (and spoke with) the great Ruby Braff at a local rugby club.  I would collect our group in my car and I remember seeing in Les' hall a picture of Bessie Smith and another, I think, of Ma Rainey. I was so taken with them that I told Les and he said they were by a local artist called Frank Caunce and that if I liked he would ask Frank to do me a couple at a very reasonable price.  I chose Charlie Christian and Duke Ellington and I still have them hanging in my sitting room.  Frank used a form of pointillism and although I sent (via Les) my thanks I would have liked to have met him and thanked him personally. - Cris Challener

06/07/18 - Tony Talk would love Fest Jazz this year then ! 'Mama Shakers' are there in a couple of weeks time, and also amazing New Orleans all girls 'Shake 'em Up JB' and, of course return of the 'Frog and Henry' collective. His other alternative is to get over to Sunderland weekend 14 July for the 'Shake 'em Up' girls and that very talented lady Gunhild Carling from Sweden. Her visual stage performance would put the acrobatic Cab Calloway in the shade ! The cost of a one night stay would be off-set as the Street Festival is FREE !! - Norman Gibson

06/07/18 - Dear Fred, The details of Derek Pearce's funeral are as follows - Altrincham Crematorium , White House Lane WA14 5RH, Time 11.30, Afterwards at THe Belmore Hotel Brooklands Rd Sale M33 3QN. - Stuart T Renn

05/07/18 - We two listened to Mama Shakers at Upton and they were excellent; besides the 1920s "folk" they even performed "digging my potatoes" from my 1950s misspent youth!!  A total suprise !!! Anyone own up to remembering that?   Trumpet-Angela -so effortless too ;Clarinet-perfect! the whole group were first class. - Tony Talk

05/07/18 - Having read Fraser McCombe's note about Bill Bissonette I have to tell you that my own piece was drastically edited and toned down before I sent it to you. At the time of Bissonette's attack on New Orleans Music I was incensed and remember all too well the effect it had on my dear friends Mike and Pete. Thanks Fraser for making those comments. I should have been a little more forthright with mine. - Graham Martindale

04/07/18 - To add to my contribution to the 2012 discussion on band singers I must admit that writing and singing my own lyrics to well known songs is great fun and one of the best ways to entertain an audience. Joe Addy used to sing a song with the Chicago Teds which kept on expanding over the years and had the audience in stitches (I'm sure Brian Singleton will remember it) and Joe didn't HAVE to have a great voice to keep the punters amused. Roy Rogers sang 'It's very clear-Your mothers here to stay' with the same band. That was a pinch from Alan Sherman's version (one day I'll have a go at 'You went the wrong way old King Louis'-it's on You Tube). I also pinched 'Zimmertime' from Frank Brooker (what a plagiarist I am) with ZIMMERTIME (2,3,4,1) AND THE WALKIN' AIN'T EASY (if you can't anticipate the rests you shouldn't be on this site). JOINTS ARE CREAKIN'- AND THE BLOOD PRESSURE'S HIGH...WALK TWENTY FEET...AND YOU END UP WHEEZIN...MY BOXES OF PILLS THEY..STAND UP TWO FEET HIGH'.  Jazz singers? Look up Bob Wallis. He could hold an audience in the palm of his epiglottis. Still Swinging. - Ian Royle

02/07/18 - Bit late perhaps, but just noticed that the Adrian Cox trio features on the Cerys Matthews blues programme on Radio 2 tonight at 8.00 - also available on catch-up. Presumably showcasing his 'Profoundly Blue' Edmond Hall project. - Barry Pryme

02/07/18 - For big band fans, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, directed by Ray McVay, will be playing at the Platform in Morecambe on Friday 27 July, 7.30pm. Tickets: £22

01/07/18 - RIP Derek, a good bass man and all round good stalwart of our movement.  - Tony Kennedy.     Derek will be much missed and, as Stuart says, a lovely man & a good player. - Laurie Cooper.

01/07/18 - I have just to tell you what a great night we had at Jazz George Arnold birthday party on Friday night superbandled by Rae Owens whose birthday it was also. You will probably recognise some of his closest friends. I am Jane Shaw from Heysham the one in the middle in blue.

01/07/19 - A balanced view from Mr Martindale and worthy of consideration. However I would suggest that ‘Jazz Northwest’ is self evidently parochial and that we should take care of our own.  Therefore let’s remember Mike Hazeldine & Peter Horsfield as important persons in the Jazz NW scene who suffered at the hands of Mr Bissonette.  -  Fraser McCombe

01/07/18 - Sad to inform you that Derek Pearce died last week after a short illness. He was for many years the bass player for the Salt City Jazzmen and had been playing since the 1950s in and around the Manchester area with almost everybody in that time. A lovely man and a good player he will be much missed. Sadly too his wife Lilian who was also unwell died on the same day Our thought go out to his daughter Janet who was caring for them both - Stuart Renn.    Alan Newton also writes, "Derek Pearce, of SALE Manchester, died on Thursday 28th June. He had not been well for some time but was playing his double bass 3 weeks ago.  For the last 20years he had been playing 'bass' with The Salt City Jazzmen (based in Nantwich). Previous to this he played with the Chicago Teddy Bears Society Jazzband. Special bass player and special friendly person. Will be missed".

01/07/18 - Hi Fred  I see Mama Shakers also on the front page. My feedback from their performance at Upton Jazz Festival tells me they were 'amazing' and 'just wonderful' - and those two descriptions were from a mid-seventies year old and a guy in his early eighties, both long time jazzers. Of course, Mama Shakers are at Fest Jazz end of this month, so I'll be seeing them there ! Good on Upton for taking a punt on upcoming young bands. - Norman Gibson

01/07/18 - Midweek daytime jazz events coming up - Tue, 3 July, 14:00 – 16:00, The SAVOY JAZZMEN are giving a concert in Sefton Park Palm House.

01/07/18 - Are band singers putting you off the music? Well that was a discussion that took place in 2012. Have things improved? Check out this week's Page of the Week

01/07/18 - Many Happy Returns on Friday to Lindsay Taylor Tony Dunleavy


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