Special ODJB celebratory event


In 1919, the British Establishment was stunned, and social conventions were challenged by the arrival, on these shores, of “Jazz” or “Jass”, as referred to in some quarters.

Politicians, Church Leaders and other dignitaries forecast that “this music of the devil” would cause the end of civilisation and the tour of Britain by The “Original Dixieland Jass Band” (ODJB) from New Orleans would be an event from which this country would never recover.

However, King George V, acknowledging the strength in UK/USA relations following the American intervention at a critical point in World War 1, invited the band to a command performance at Buckingham Palace and dismissed the outrage that was inevitable

Following the success of this remarkable occasion, The ODJB tour, originally planned for four weeks, stretched to 14 months, with new dance crazes, outrageous costumes and a whole new era of “jazz behaviour” transforming British “upper” society

100 years later, Manchester Athenaeum Drama Society will be presenting a dramatic recreation of the events of 1919, including characterisations of King George V, Queen Mary, David Lloyd George and other leading figures of the day.. Internationally renowned Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz will be playing the music of the ODJB with the original instrumentation from the historic tour

Dates -  Feb 1st and 2nd. 7.30pm Tickets, including cheese and wine, £10, Venue St Werburghs Church Hall, St Werburghs Road, Chorlton

Ticket website mcr.ath.tickets@gmail.com
Ticket phone number 07593 827201

Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz