The New Riverside Jazz Band

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Recent Changes to The New Riverside Jazz Band

After the sad retirement of Alan Duckles our eminent leader (and founder member of the band along with Barrie Marshall in the 1980s), Peter Boswell has now kindly agreed to join the Band on trumpet, so New Riverside will continue to perform regularly and help maintain a similar repertoire to that developed by Alan over the years.

The new band line up is:-

Peter Boswell (Trumpet/Cornet), Barrie Marshall (Clarinet), Alan Mathews (Trombone),

Dave Bateman (Banjo/Guitar) and Adrian Morris (Bass)

Alan Mathews will act as band co-ordinator for current and future venues and bookings.

Currently our regular sessions are:

1st Thursday of each month at The Wagon & Horses, St Georges Quay, Lancaster LA1 1RD

TEL: 01524 846094

1st Monday of each month at The Black Bull, Main Street, High Bentham LA2 7HF (exc 1st May 2017)

TEL: 015242 61213

Band Contact details:

Alan Mathews Tel : 01772 691898 (email:

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