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Swing FM, based in Limoges

Bonjour Fred

Good to read Ron Houghton's note about my local jazz radio station, Swing FM, based in Limoges, 45km from where I live.  It's available online using the link you provided and on steam radio at 101.2 fm.
Since changing cars I have sadly lost the ability to listen to BBC Radio 4 on longwave so I listen to Swing FM in my car much more nowadays.  
As Ron says it's 24 hours of "proper" jazz & swing with some gospel and blues chucked in. They love their Louis, and Bechet of course, although someone within the organisation has a large collection of organ jazz which pops up from time to time which is not to my taste. 

The programming is, however, really varied without straying into anything modern and uncomfortable.  As I write, the playlist for the last half an hour was Buddy Tate - Indian Summer : Muddy Waters - Good morning schoolgirl : Albert Nicholas - Quincy Street Stomp : Big Sid Catlett - I found a new baby : Duke Ellington - Riff Staccato : Alain Bouchet - Baby won't you please come home : Otis Span - I need some air : Ralph Sutton - I would do anything for you : Jimmie Noone - Sweet Lorraine.

Their website is http://www.swingfm.asso.fr/html/index.php?p=agenda.php and this has all sorts of information including a calendar showing a list of everything they've played each day and the time each track was aired.  The calendar goes back quite a few years.
It also has a list of anyone who has played in Limoges which certainly goes back to when Mezz, Baby Dodds, Pops Foster & Zutty played here.  And there's a list of every Hot Club Limoges concerts since 1948.

There's a link to the Hot Club de France and the local Hot Club which still puts on a few concerts each year.  Amongst others, I've seen 
Kid Dawson's Echoes of Swing and Michel Bonnet's excellent band, Mem'Ory (with the tasteful and excellent Michel Senamaud on drums) at the lovely little Theatre Jean Gagnant.

Graham Martindale



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