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*** Now just three left ***

August 15, 2017 - LATEST NEWS

In response to many question, yes the DVD is still available, but only 3 left.
Thanks to Geoff Bull, despite the changing value of the pound, he has agreed to freeze the price to me.

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Courtesy of Geoff Bull in Australia

For the first time on DVD

“The George Lewis New Orleans All Stars” 

Japan 1963

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George Lewis - Clarinet Punch Miller – Trumpet
Louis Nelson – Trombone Joe Robichaux – Piano
Emanuel Sayles – Banjo Papa John Joseph – Bass
Joe Watkins – Drums

Filmed for television in TBS studios – Tokyo Japan



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Over 1 hour of music taken from the digitally enhanced original tapes, studio quality sound and picture. Previously unreleased material, a truly historic record of some of the greatest New Orleans musicians of all time, performing at top form. Most or all of these musicians are not available elsewhere at all on film. 

This information from Geoff Bull - "The DVD will be available in both PAL for the European market and NTSC for Japan and the US. We feel that this material is of such quality as well as rarity that it should be made available to anybody in the world who is interested and so we appreciate very much your efforts to spread the news.". 

Geoff tells me about himself, "At 13, I was taken to hear Louis Armstrong live at a concert in Sydney (1956) with Edmond Hall etc. Although I wish I could remember more of it, I was left with such an impression that within a couple of years I was pestering my Mother for a trumpet and though self taught I have stuck with it ever since. I was also lucky in that I met a couple of guys, a little older than me that were already jazz fans and they introduced me to the real recordings. Within a short time I showed a preference for the older New Orleans style and more than 45 years later, I have not changed my mind. As you may know, I have been coming to Europe and the UK since the early 60's and have played and recorded with many of the English musicians (Sammy Rimington, Barry Martyn, Jon Marks etc.) as well as many of the New Orleans originals. I have been traveling regularly to Japan since 1980 and it is through my contact with the New Orleans Rascals of Osaka that I am involved in producing the DVD. You obviously have a number of interested people in touch with you and that will be a big help in getting this DVD out to the people who deserve to have it. Unfortunately I have never spent any time in England apart from London, so I am not familiar with the Jazz scene in other parts. Maybe sometime in the future I will get an opportunity to visit your area and play some music".

Track Listing - 

  1. Basic Street Blues

  2. Alexander's Ragtime Band

  3. Over The Waves

  4. Careless love

  5. St. Louis Blues

  6. Just A Closer Walk With thee

  7. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

  8. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead

  9. Burgundy St. Blues

10.  Old Rugged Cross
11.  George's Address
12.  The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
13.  When The Saints Go Marching In
14.  Tiger Rag
15.  St. James infirmary
16.  High Society
17.  The Band & George


You can order direct from Australia, if you wish, for 25 Australian dollars but you have to order on line with a credit card. Items valued at over £18 are also subject to UK VAT, added by Customs & Excise.

Full details of the DVD are available on , but I am willing to take advantage of the bulk offer and in turn share the discount,  my share going towards the web site running costs.

I can offer the DVD for £18.50 which includes p&p, and which you can pay for by cheque or Postal Order. The DVD itself will be valued at less than £18 and will not be subject to VAT or import duty.

As soon as I have received the order, your details will be emailed forward and the DVD immediately posted direct to you from Australia.

Comments - 

People need not worry about quality it is good. - Alec Jackson

Many thanks for the George Lewis DVD which I received today from Australia. It really is excellent quality and brings back many happy memories of meeting him and hearing him play. - Alan Brown

Thanks a million for masterminding the George Lewis DVD purchase. It's excellent. - Gordon Hughes

Thanks for the George Lewis DVD. I was amazed how quickly it arrived. As a past clarinettist it’s always fascinating to watch other musicians as well as hearing them. The fingering used by George for certain notes is most informative. - David Lind

Wonderful! - It brought tears to my eyes - Keith Hockin

Just to let you know, George Lewis arrived safe and sound, along with the rest of the boys. In fact hardly had I got the DVD out of the case before the whole band was entertaining me to a few tunes right there in my living room. I've only been able to give them a quick eyeballing already, but sound and picture quality are remarkably good for TV footage of this age. That's it. Christmas is cancelled. I'm watching George Lewis. - Fred McCormick

Hi Fred, The DVD is absolutely the Bees Knees, Anyone who does not get one just doesn't know what they are missing. I hope that my copy will be passed down for many generations. - Stewart May.

Just to let you know that George arrived safely today - terrific and highly recommended. - Steve Hardstaff

Hi, Fred, Thanks for your help in obtaining the DVD which arrived safely this afternoon. The DVD is excellent quality and brought back memories of
seeing the George Lewis band at the Free Trade Hall in 1959.Thanks again, and best wishes for Christmas. -
Paul Reilly, Liverpool

Thanks for the George Lewis DVD received from Oz today, absolutely excellent, have long been an admirer of the Lewis style, and this is DVD is now a worthy part of my collection. Amazing delivery time too! - John Bratby  

Received both copies yesterday and sent one on to my brother (who I gave a pre-listen on the phone this morning!) An excellent production, thoroughly enjoyed it as I am sure will John when he receives it. The date the recording was made was only a few months after I had met Louis Nelson in New Orleans, and heard him playing with a band led by Narvin Kimball, so to see and hear this distinguished looking figure looking just as I remember him was a nostalgic experience. I was lucky enough to see and hear most of the musicians on the recordings, and quite a few others, in the early 1960s, when I made several visits to the Crescent City as a merchant seaman. George Lewis I heard in Manchester a little later on. Wonderful days, and I got paid to go there too! - Richard Knock

Fred, Just watched the George Lewis DVD. It is truly excellent with very good vision and sound. I never ever expected to see George again! What a great discovery. Thanks - Alan Booth

The DVD has arrived and it is excellent. Thanks very much for your help in obtaining it. - Bob New

What a fascinating piece of history. So glad to have it. I wondered where it starts off, with that sign on the wall giving the price for requests. Ought to be Preservation Hall!  I wish the television performances had had an audience. It seems odd that the end of each number is greeted with silence ... George always looks a bit uncomfortable at the end, but it's just amazing to have the performances at all ... Actually, surprisingly, I think the hit for me is Joe Robichaux - fantastic piano playing and the liveliest presence!  - Geoff Bevan

It arrived yesterday. It is excellent. Thank you very much for all your effort. All the very best to you & yours for 2007. - Ken Parkinson

Mine arrived on the 28th - it's almost worn out now!!!!! Thanks -  Barry Prime

Really pleased with the DVD, thanks to you & Geoff Bull. - Peter Harvey

Fantastic, out of this world, can't stop dancing to it - Freda Barker

What a present for this year's Christmas. I saw the "classic" Lewis band in London in Jan 1959 when Joe Robichaux was introduced to us. The DVD bought back happy memories and the icing on the cake was seeing him playing with Manny Sayles, who I saw in the UK and in New Orleans a couple of years before he died.-  Louis Lince

Just to let you know I received the DVD before Christmas. I found the quality of the DVD excellent and I really enjoyed it, it was great to see George in action as well as hearing him, also Louis Nelson and Joe Watkins. However in my opinion this was not the greatest George Lewis line-up, they did not seem relaxed and at times I detected that George seemed a bit edgy and nervous, Punch Miller did not fit in with Georges style in the way Kid Howard, Elmer Talbert or Percy Humphrey would have done, also it would have been nice to have had Chester Zardis and Alton Purnell, but we have to be grateful to have anything available of George.  - Anon.

They have even recreated a smarter version of Preservation Hall to play in, bringing back many happy memories from when we were there.  We spent a lot of New Years in New Orleans from 1981 onwards. - Carole Fletcher

The DVD arrived today, excellent recording and sounds, it is good that this video was found, as no other exists I think for George Lewis, it dont matter that it is in Black & White, it is the band that counts - John Russell

The superb George Lewis DVD  arrived in the post this morning what more can one say. - Bob Duncan

Although I have been aware of the content of the DVD for years, my video copy was very poor quality, it was great to watch the sessions in good sound and picture. Just a shame Kid Howard and Jim Robinson didn't want to do that tour of Japan, nevertheless Kid Punch puts in a good performance, and Louis Nelson is his impeccable self. Go buy it if you ain't got it. - Pete Lay

Hi Fred, enjoyed every minute of the DVD. Fantastic to be able to see George playing as well as hearing him. Thanks again for expediting the purchase. - Bob Blinston

Hi Fred, Just to let you know that the DVD arrived a couple of days ago and I am absolutely delighted with it.  A bit of real history!  Many thanks - Kind regards, Alan Salem  

Many thanks. Received DVD yesterday-what service from Aus. The music and stories are fantastic and brought back memories of seeing George Lewis in Bradford, probably sometime in the 1950's.  Really appreciate what you are doing for New Orleans Music. - Brian Collins

Dear Fred, The George Lewis DVD arrived this morning, only seven days after placing the order with you! Very many thanks. The DVD is excellent, with good vision and sound. I am delighted with it. Bob Hooper, 21st March 2007

Very many thanks for the excellent DVD – I saw George Lewis in the UK in the late 50’s when Joe Robichaux played the entire evening standing up at the piano. I was particularly pleased to see Emanuel Sayles whom I have been listening to for a number of years on a scratchy old tape I pirated from a Preservation Hall LP of Sweet Emma Barrat including the wonderful Big Jim Robinson and the Humphrey Brothers. Watching and listening to George Lewis, which is such a pleasure, made me fume yet again at the pompous Huges Panassie in 1954 ‘enthusiasts of the new Orleans revival have attributed to him greater merits than he can honestly be said to possess – nonsense! - Carlos Remes

"The 'George Lewis in Japan' dvd has arrived! - brilliant Service from your mate in Australia!! I've just viewed a series of fantastic jazz performances by George and his marvellous New Orleans colleagues. The quality picture and sound are really excellent. Will watch this many, many times. Thanks for your help in making this available. - Fred Allen, 1st April 2008.

The DVD arrived yesterday, so great service. The DVD itself is superb it has all the tunes you’d want to hear and played in a restrained way no potboilers or histrionics just great music. I also thought it was very interesting watching George Lewis as he controlled the band with a wave of his hand, I particularly liked the first section with it’s mock up of Preservation Hall I had to look twice before I realised it was a mock up it really took me back to when I went there in the 60’s - Roy Bransbury 9th July 2008  

"Today I got the DVD from Australia. I'm so very happy. Without the help of the great gentleman Mr. Yasuyuki Ishihara, Mr. Geoff Bull and last but not least of yourself  I've no seen this history example of George Lewis and his Band - a Milestone in the history of New Orleans Jazz. The quality of vision and sound are superb -just like yesterday recorded!  I have an older video tape of this Japan session, but with two copies in very, very bad quality. Once more many thanks and good luck" - Burkhard Nöhring, Berlin, Germany. 26th Aug 2008

"Just to confirm I have received the George Lewis DVD. Fantastic service as I only ordered it a week ago. Please thank your friend in Australia. I am in jazz heaven as I never thought I would be able to watch George playing again as I last saw him playing with the Ken Colyer band in the late 50's. I will treasure it forever, Many thanks and best wishes". - Ron Moody, 29th November 2009

"DVD arrived safely I have watched it three times already. One of the best music discs I have ever bought" -  Billy Kelly, 3rd Feb 2010

The snow held Christmas back up here in Huddersfield, but I got over to my Dad's last week & we watched the George Lewis DVD - fantastic! The footage is so clear - close up, well lit, absolutely perfect. We're both over the moon with it: what a chance to see these great musicians at their best.  Thank you so much for all your help with getting the DVD for us. - Nicky. 9th Jan 2011

"Just to let you know we received the George Lewis DVD yesterday. We watched it last night and were very pleased with the music and the quality of the recording. Thank you for arranging for us to get it". - D. Hammond 23rd Jan 2011

" ......... just to say the GL DVD arrived safely last Tues. and was played. Superb. What more can you say. Thanks for your help. - Bob Brierley 24th Jan 2011

Thank you for the  DVD which has arrived all the way from Australia, and it is absolutely fantastic, great, wonderful! It is so good that the music played by some of the original performers was saved from deletion. It is a DVD I certainly will play many times, George and his boys seem in very good shape. I enjoy your website very much though I do not know many of the people mentioned, but I keep my self updated on the British traditional jazz scene. - Poul Villum, Denmark. 19th Sept 2011

Thanks for your efforts. I received Geoff's DVD this-morning (27-3-2012).  Played it immediately and "IT IS EXCELLENT".  It's wonderful to get the real feel of how the Old Timers did it in the early days in New Orleans. Many thanks. Colin Broadhurst. 27th March 2012.

Dear Fred, I am in seventh heaven!! Wonderful DVD - am enjoying every minute - oh, the good old days!!!    Thanks for this wonderful entertainment.
Patricia Watson 10th Sept 2013


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