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05/10/10 - "Hi Fred, I have just discovered that the Club Hangover in San Francisco where all the American Dixieland bands played in the fifties, is now a male strip club called..... NOB HILL. What would Ory say? Have a look at  Cheers" - Sid Bailey

06/10/10 - "Sid, I too remember well the old Hangover Club in San Francisco, spent many hours there in early 60s, listening to  and talking with   Earl Hines, Pops Foster and Joe Sullivan who were resident there at that time.  Happy Memories, I too learned about the "change" about 20 years ago, I guess nothing remains the same". - Bernie Hives, Detroit, Michigan

09/10/10 - "I have been trying to remember the names of the group in the photographs" writes Bernie Hives, "Can anyone help?.  Pops Foster of course on bass, Earl on piano, (spelled by Joe Sullivan) I think the trombonist was Jimmy Archer, but the clarinet, trumpet and drummer escapes me.  Any guesses?".  

09/10/10 -  Suspect the clarinet player in Hangover photo could be Darnell Howard. Not sure of the trumpeter. looks too young to be Wild Bill - Jon Penn

09/10/10 - The musicians in Bernie Hives' photos are: definitly Darnell Howard clarinet, the drummer could be Earl Watkins and the trumpet player could be either Eddie Smith, Ernie Figureoa or Byron Berry, all of whom played for Hines around that time.  - Sid Bailey. 

09/10/10 - I've got a broadcast (still in a box somewhere) of the band at the Hangover. It was Hines, Darnell Howard, Jimmy Archey, Pops Foster and I'm sure that the drummer was Earl Watkins and the trumpet player was Muggsy Spanier...........  Just checked Tom Lord's discog. And it is Muggsy and Watkins on the recording I have but mine is from The Crescendo in LA.  However, see photo of Pops attached in front of the Hangover poster(Muggsy name in poster). Joe Sullivan was, I guess, the intermission pianist. Not sure it's Muggsy on the photo you are showing. Facially possible but more hair than the photos I can find. - Graham Martindale

09/10/10 - Hello Fred, I think the names that Bernie is looking for are Earl Hines piano, Muggsy Spanier trumpet, Jimmy Archey trombone, Darnell Howard clarinet, Pops Foster bass, Earl Watkins drums - Regards George Peirce

10/10/10 - "Fred, sorry to inundate you with e mails, but this Hangover item was really bugging me, so I went thru all my old "stuff" and found the answers I was looking for. The line up of the "All Stars" was Eddie Smith, (tpt) Jimmy Archey (tmb) Darnell Howard (cln) Pops Foster (bass) Earl Watkins (drms) and Earl Hines (piano) So all those who answered knew what they were talking about and pretty much had it correct. Thanks for your time its been enjoyable". - Bernie Hives"

12/10/10 - Better late than never. I can confirm that the trumpet is Eddie Smith as Bernie now states. There are 2 photos of this band from March 1956 on pages 117/118 in the book Jimmy Archey - The little giant of the trombone. However on the 2nd shot the bass is not Pops Foster shown in Bernie's photo, so perhaps he was having a night off. The OFLB played for Bernie when he got married in the UK a few years back. Below is a young version of me with Jimmy during the tour by the New Orleans Allstars in early 1966. Darnell Howard and Pops Foster were also in the band. My band The Savannah Jass Band was the support in Manchester on February 26 and I also travelled to Sunderland the following day when Red Allen was featured with them. - Mike Pembroke 


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