Graham is a New Orleans style drummer who in the past has played with a number of UK bands including the French Quarter and New Orleans Express.

He is now resident in France. He has a collection of 300+ CDs which he has transferred to computer and is selling his collection. As most ot the CDs are likely to be bought by UK residents I have offered to sell them on his behalf. He has been buying CDs from the time they first came out and his collection contains many CDs which are no longer available. This is therefore an opportunity to fill gaps in your collection. Whilst his main interest is centred on the revivalist era his collection also includes some classic jazz and blues.

The same arrangements will apply as when I sold the John Love Collection. The list of CDs includes a price for each CD. P & p is additional to this. The cost of p & p on a single CD sent to a UK address is 1. Postage per CD on multiple purchases works out less. CDs can be ordered by email or post and cost inclusive of p & p is advised on despatch. A telephone call will establish whether a CD is still available. The list on the Jazz North West web site will be regularly updated.

All cheques should be made payable to me.

Brian Legan
2 Derwent Avenue
PR9 7PX.

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