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07/04/18 -

Back in the 80's A-Team TV series, Col. 'Hannibal' Smith had a catchphrase which I just have to use now. 'I love it when a plan comes together'. The Frog and Henry 2018 Tour was a 'test the water' effort for two weeks, with a trio featuring foot operated Tuba and Double Bass, but it proved such a success, that they are back, brimming with confidence, and their usual five piece collective, for three weeks from Feb. 5th 2019. In the North West, this year, we just had five venues taking F & H, but, for next year, North of Wolverhampton, we have nine jazz clubs confirmed, two pending and a Swing Dance venue. There are two gaps available we would like to fill, Tuesday Feb.19th (Lancashire/Cumbria area) and Thursday Feb. 14th. (Midlands Area) to break the journey from London north. Any jazz, or swing dance, venue interested, Ryan would appreciate an e-mail at The F & H website is  for full info, videos, etc on the band. -

Norman Gibson

08/04/17 - Hi Fred

Ryan sent me this little video March 7. It was recorded at Ewan Bleach's parents house in Oxford in February. You could add it to F & H 2019 Tour Page. It is interesting as it shows their musical versatility, especially Ewan on this

Norman Gibson


08/04/18 - Hello Fred,

 Norman has directed me to your most recent F&H post and I wanted to thank you on behalf of everyone here for your help. What an incredible resource! Thanks for sacrificing your own time to provide this service.

 I can also add one detail to add to the post which may be of interest to some venues: - we welcome lunchtime concerts on any day of the week. And we have a gap all day on Monday, Feb. 18. 




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