Another unforgettable CD from John Higham & Malcolm Hogarth


To improve our playing as amateur musicians, we decided to busk in Chester. Since we still play in 'Olde Worlde' jazz bands our repertoire is generally music from 1920's, to the 1940's, music seldom heard on the radio. We were surprised when people listened, requested old numbers, danced, children skipped, and when even teenagers showed an interest. Last week, a couple on their way to be married, danced to, "When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful", a number famously recorded by Fats Waller in 1936. Bystanders gathered, smiled, and some even intoned the words, and it brightened up everybody's day When we recorded this, our second, CD we literally busked in the studio to try to capture the spontaneity of the outdoor performance. We ditched six numbers (just too many errors!) but here are the rest - warts and all!

Our first CD, Milk of Amnesia, has raised over 1600 so far, for The Alzheimer's Society. So, many thanks for your support, and we sincerely hope you enjoy this second helping.

Malcolm and John,
4th June 2017

Thanks to Paul & Marie Dempsey for original photos, and to Roy Quinn at Cambridge Photography, 1 Keswick Road, St Helens, for artwork, and to Ian Lewis, Whitby Studios, Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, for the recording, processing and production of this CD.

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             FORGET ME KNOT

01. I'm gonna meet my sweetie now.
02. Darktown Strutter's ball.
03. Because my baby don't mean "Maybe" now.
04. Benny's from Heaven.
05. No wonder she's a blushing bride.
06. I used to love you but it's all over now.
07. My Grandfather's clock.
08. My Granddad's flannelette nightshirt.
09. (Lawd) Ain't the gravy good!
10. Way you look tonight.
11. Never in a million years.
12. Down among the sheltering palms.
13. I had someone else before I had you.
14. That lucky old sun.
15. Mountains of Mourne.
16. Shine on harvest moon.
17. I wish't I was in Peoria.
18. Your mother's here to stay.
19. Take me to the land of jazz.
20. How could Red Riding Hood.
21. Two sleepy people.

Here's some tracks to whet your appetite.
Wherever did they find them?


Yur mother's here to stay

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(Lawd) Ain't the gravy good

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My Grandfather's Clock

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