Frog & Henry Tour 2019


Happy New Year Fred and Barbara, and, as promised, here is Frog and Henry's tour listing for February 2019. The twelve bookings, starting with Darlington lunchtime Feb 16, is a 200% increase on this year's successful 'test the water' tour with the Trio. This time F H Henry will bring a five piece to make a lot of jazz fans even happier. 

The line-up will be :- 
Ewan Bleach - Reeds, Piano, Vocals
David Neagh - Tuba Machine & Six String Banjo
( at the same time - as usual ! )
Laurin Habert - Reeds
Kermane Arken - Violin, Vocals
F H Henry - Guitar, Vocals

Details for each NW event can be found direct with the Clubs, and in your 'What's on' and 'NW JAZZ CLUBS' pages.

As this year, more bookings will be added to the Southern part of the tour after we get into January. Anyone interested in picking up a gig down there should keep an eye on  , where Peter will no doubt keep jazzers informed.

Friday February 15 is available for an evening event, in view of Roa Island's unfortunate venue loss cancellation. Interested parties should contact me at

A Happy and Healthy New Year to all - keep on jazzing   

Norman Gibson


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