Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band proposed tour 2019

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Dear Fred,

Our Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2020. We have been touring the UK in the past decade but stopped visiting your country two years ago for some reason although we loved playing for the British audience. Now we see a chance to return next year (2019) if there is enough interest. Travelling expenses got higher (not to mention that we need 2 days to get there as we need to drive because of the many instruments we bring with), fees became less and less because of the decline of the Pound due to Brexit. Now we can apply for some governement support for 2019 appearances outside of Hungary, so we'd try to return to our beloved UK again. Let me know if you are interested.

We need to put together 6 concerts for consecutive days in the UK, for the minimum fee of 1800 Pounds each plus dinner and B&B for 8 men. We try to cut these fees lower for you with the help of the Hungarian National Cultural Fund. (We normally get such government money for at least one tour a year.) For the application we need invitations (letter of intent) for the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band, if you are interested. We do need your invitation letter ASAP as we have to apply at the beginning of November and we need to know details of your intention of inviting us, preferred date of the performance and the size of the expected audience (how many people can fit in your concert hall etc.). Please, also let us know what is your maximum fee you can offer, so we know what to expect if there is less suport will be given than necessary.


Our 8-piece band has been labelled as "the most versatile jazz band" due to the many styles we play (covering basically everything within classic jazz from ragtime to swing) and also because of the number of instruments the band members play as many of us are alternating on more instruments. As one of our audience member wrote: "Pure undiluted awesomeness! It's so damn jazzy!"

Now we are booking concert tours and festival appearances for 2019 and 2020. We would love to return to jazz clubs and festivals where we have played during our long existence, including the UK. If you do not have room for us in 2019 but would be interested for 2020, please, let us know.

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A few tunes: (Stompy Jones, with swing dancers) (Everybody Loves My Baby, with Catherine Russell) (Tiger Rag) (I'm Confessin')

FYI, concert fees for continental Europe:

We hope to hear from you soon.


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